Supported Currencies

    See what currencies you can use for making charges and for paying out to your bank account.

    Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours. This is especially helpful if you have a global presence, as charging in a customer’s native currency can increase sales.

    The currency used comes into play in three places:

    • The customer’s credit card currency
    • The currency of the charge, called the presentment currency
    • The currency accepted by your destination bank account or debit card, called the settlement currency

    If the charge currency differs from the customer’s credit card currency, the customer may be charged a foreign exchange fee by their credit card company. The customer may also be charged a fee by their credit card company if the credit card and your business are in different countries, regardless of the currency used.

    If the charge currency differs from your settlement currency, Stripe converts the charge to your settlement currency. Refer to our payouts documentation to learn about the different bank account currencies that we support.

    Supported presentment currencies

    Any Stripe user can process charges in the following list of currencies with these exceptions:

    • JCB, Discover, and Diners Club cards can only be charged in USD
    • Currencies marked with * are not supported by American Express
    • Most alternative payment methods can only be used with a single currency
    • Brazilian Stripe accounts (currently in Preview) can only charge in Brazilian Real
    • Mexican Stripe accounts (currently in Preview) can only charge in Mexican Peso

    Currencies presented as links are zero-decimal currencies, explained below.

    Also note that the three-letter ISO code is provided for each currency below, but you should provide the ISO code in all lowercase letters when making the charge request.

    • Afghan Afghani, AFN*
    • Albanian Lek, ALL
    • Algerian Dinar, DZD
    • Angolan Kwanza, AOA*
    • Argentine Peso, ARS*
    • Armenian Dram, AMD
    • Aruban Florin, AWG
    • Australian Dollar, AUD
    • Azerbaijani Manat, AZN
    • Bahamian Dollar, BSD
    • Bangladeshi Taka, BDT
    • Barbadian Dollar, BBD
    • Belize Dollar, BZD
    • Bermudian Dollar, BMD
    • Bolivian Boliviano, BOB*
    • Bosnia & Herzegovina Convertible Mark, BAM
    • Botswana Pula, BWP
    • Brazilian Real, BRL*
    • British Pound, GBP
    • Brunei Dollar, BND
    • Bulgarian Lev, BGN
    • Burundian Franc, BIF
    • Cambodian Riel, KHR
    • Canadian Dollar, CAD
    • Cape Verdean Escudo, CVE*
    • Cayman Islands Dollar, KYD
    • Central African Cfa Franc, XAF
    • Cfp Franc, XPF*
    • Chilean Peso, CLP*
    • Chinese Renminbi Yuan, CNY
    • Colombian Peso, COP*
    • Comorian Franc, KMF
    • Congolese Franc, CDF
    • Costa Rican Colón, CRC*
    • Croatian Kuna, HRK
    • Czech Koruna, CZK*
    • Danish Krone, DKK
    • Djiboutian Franc, DJF*
    • Dominican Peso, DOP
    • East Caribbean Dollar, XCD
    • Egyptian Pound, EGP
    • Ethiopian Birr, ETB
    • Euro, EUR
    • Falkland Islands Pound, FKP*
    • Fijian Dollar, FJD
    • Gambian Dalasi, GMD
    • Georgian Lari, GEL
    • Gibraltar Pound, GIP
    • Guatemalan Quetzal, GTQ*
    • Guinean Franc, GNF*
    • Guyanese Dollar, GYD
    • Haitian Gourde, HTG
    • Honduran Lempira, HNL*
    • Hong Kong Dollar, HKD
    • Hungarian Forint, HUF*
    • Icelandic Króna, ISK
    • Indian Rupee, INR*
    • Indonesian Rupiah, IDR
    • Israeli New Sheqel, ILS
    • Jamaican Dollar, JMD
    • Japanese Yen, JPY
    • Kazakhstani Tenge, KZT
    • Kenyan Shilling, KES
    • Kyrgyzstani Som, KGS
    • Lao Kip, LAK*
    • Lebanese Pound, LBP
    • Lesotho Loti, LSL
    • Liberian Dollar, LRD
    • Macanese Pataca, MOP
    • Macedonian Denar, MKD
    • Malagasy Ariary, MGA
    • Malawian Kwacha, MWK
    • Malaysian Ringgit, MYR
    • Maldivian Rufiyaa, MVR
    • Mauritanian Ouguiya, MRO
    • Mauritian Rupee, MUR*
    • Mexican Peso, MXN*
    • Moldovan Leu, MDL
    • Mongolian Tögrög, MNT
    • Moroccan Dirham, MAD
    • Mozambican Metical, MZN
    • Myanmar Kyat, MMK
    • Namibian Dollar, NAD
    • Nepalese Rupee, NPR
    • Netherlands Antillean Gulden, ANG
    • New Taiwan Dollar, TWD
    • New Zealand Dollar, NZD
    • Nicaraguan Córdoba, NIO*
    • Nigerian Naira, NGN
    • Norwegian Krone, NOK
    • Pakistani Rupee, PKR
    • Panamanian Balboa, PAB*
    • Papua New Guinean Kina, PGK
    • Paraguayan Guaraní, PYG*
    • Peruvian Nuevo Sol, PEN*
    • Philippine Peso, PHP
    • Polish Złoty, PLN
    • Qatari Riyal, QAR
    • Romanian Leu, RON
    • Russian Ruble, RUB
    • Rwandan Franc, RWF
    • São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra, STD
    • Saint Helenian Pound, SHP*
    • Salvadoran Colón, SVC*
    • Samoan Tala, WST
    • Saudi Riyal, SAR
    • Serbian Dinar, RSD
    • Seychellois Rupee, SCR
    • Sierra Leonean Leone, SLL
    • Singapore Dollar, SGD
    • Solomon Islands Dollar, SBD
    • Somali Shilling, SOS
    • South African Rand, ZAR
    • South Korean Won, KRW
    • Sri Lankan Rupee, LKR
    • Surinamese Dollar, SRD*
    • Swazi Lilangeni, SZL
    • Swedish Krona, SEK
    • Swiss Franc, CHF
    • Tajikistani Somoni, TJS
    • Tanzanian Shilling, TZS
    • Thai Baht, THB
    • Tongan Paʻanga, TOP
    • Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, TTD
    • Turkish Lira, TRY
    • Ugandan Shilling, UGX
    • Ukrainian Hryvnia, UAH
    • United Arab Emirates Dirham, AED
    • United States Dollar, USD
    • Uruguayan Peso, UYU*
    • Uzbekistani Som, UZS
    • Vanuatu Vatu, VUV
    • Vietnamese Đồng, VND
    • West African Cfa Franc, XOF*
    • Yemeni Rial, YER
    • Zambian Kwacha, ZMW

    Zero-decimal currencies

    All API requests expect amounts to be provided in a currency’s smallest unit. For example, to charge $10 USD, provide an amount value of 1000 (i.e, 1000 cents).

    For zero-decimal currencies, still provide amounts as an integer but without multiplying by 100. For example, to charge ¥500, simply provide an amount value of 500.

    Supported zero-decimal currencies are shown as links in the supported charge currencies listed above.

    Minimum and maximum charge amounts

    As Stripe’s processing fee combines a small fixed amount and a percentage, we enforce a minimum amount when creating a charge. This ensures you don’t lose money on a charge. The minimum amount you can charge depends on which bank account settlement currency the payment would be paid out to.

    Settlement Currency Minimum Charge Amount
    Australian Dollar, AUD $0.50
    Brazilian Real, BRL R$0.50
    British Pound, GBP £0.30
    Canadian Dollar, CAD $0.50
    Danish Krone, DKK 2.50-kr.
    Euro, EUR €0.50
    Hong Kong Dollar, HKD $4.00
    Japanese Yen, JPY ¥50
    Mexican Peso, MXN $10
    Norwegian Krone, NOK 3.00-kr.
    Singapore Dollar, SGD $0.50
    Swedish Krona, SEK 3.00-kr.
    Swiss Franc, CHF 0.50 Fr
    United States Dollar, USD $0.50

    If you only have one bank account in use and you create charges in the same currency as it, the minimum amount is simply what is listed for your currency. Charges that must be converted into your account’s default settlement currency must meet the equivalent minimum of the settlement currency. For example, if you have GBP and USD bank accounts, with GBP set as your default currency, any non-USD charges you create are converted to GBP. These charges must meet the minimum amount required for GBP (£0.30) after conversion.

    The only limit to the maximum amount you can charge a customer is a technical one. The amount value supports up to eight digits (e.g., a value of 99999999 for a USD charge of $999,999.99).

    Next steps

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