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We just released version 11.0 of our iOS SDK, which adds a few new features:

Simpler integration Update

We’ve greatly simplified the integration for our prebuilt UI components. Previously, it required maintaining multiple endpoints on your backend. Now, just a single endpoint lets you take advantage of features like Apple Pay detection and optimized UI flows for collecting and managing your customer’s payment details.

Sources support New

The SDK now supports creating and retrieving Sources, Stripe’s unified API for accepting any payment method (like SEPA or iDEAL) with a single integration. For more information, you can refer to our guide to using Sources in the iOS SDK.

Card scanning New

If you use STPPaymentContext, you can now give your users the option to scan a card instead of entering it manually. Just install, a popular open-source card scanning library, and we’ll show a "Scan Card" button above the card field:

Scan card demo

City and state auto-fill New

Our billing and shipping address forms now fill in city and state automatically based on your customer’s zip code if they are located in the United States.

Customer pre-fetching Update

Our prebuilt UI components now have the ability to pre-fetch and cache your customer’s information from the Stripe API, making it easy to build a smoother checkout experience. To take advantage of this, initialize STPCustomerContext before your customer enters the checkout flow.

If you’re new to the Stripe iOS SDK and are interested in these features, we’ve put together an integration guide to get started. If you already use STPPaymentContext, you can follow these instructions to migrate to simpler integration in the latest version.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, you can email us (or file an issue on Github).

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