Stripe Connect now supports Express accounts for businesses

We’ve consistently heard from platforms that onboarding sellers is still one of the hardest challenges they face. Earlier this year, we launched Express accounts for Connect platforms to provide you a quick and easy way to onboard individuals as sellers and service providers while maintaining control over the look and feel of the experience. Express platforms have already onboarded thousands of individuals across industries ranging from childcare to streetwear. Starting today, you can also onboard businesses on your platform with Express.

Paying out businesses requires some identity verification and tax checks to comply with financial laws and regulation. In addition to providing platforms a prebuilt, customizable onboarding experience and reporting dashboard, Express now automatically collects the right info when onboarding both individuals and businesses.

For example, Lugg, an on-demand marketplace for moving and delivery, connects customers with “Luggers” who can help them move or transport large items. While many of the Luggers are individual workers, some are moving companies (incorporated as businesses). In just five days, a single engineer at Lugg was able to integrate Express to speed up their previously manual onboarding process and support both individuals and businesses signing up for their platform.

Express also lets you customize the branding of the onboarding flow and dashboard so it matches the rest of your product experience.

Online wedding marketplace WeddingWire used Express to launch a new payments feature that lets couples pay their wedding vendors online, eliminating the hassle of sending checks or carrying envelopes of cash around on their wedding day.

“With the prebuilt UI offered by Express, we were able to go from concept to initial launch in a just a few weeks—the fastest we’ve ever launched a new feature of this scale.” — Andy Ivanovich, VP Finance & Strategy, WeddingWire
express-for-business screenshot

WeddingWire customized the signup experience for wedding vendors so it matches the “WeddingWire Teal” branding

We’re excited to help more marketplaces and platforms get started with Express’ quick integration process, but we think existing platforms can also find Express useful. In the past few weeks, publishing platform Medium integrated Express to streamline how writers on their platform get paid for their work.

"Previously, we built our own tool that required ongoing maintenance. After spending just one week on the Express integration, our writers can now get signed up easily, in a UI that reflects our branding. Express has also eliminated tedious maintenance work and helps writers feel more secure when entering payment details." — Jamie Talbot, Director of Engineering, Medium

Express is currently available in the U.S. with support for more countries coming soon. If you’re interested in using Express for your platform, you can check out our guide to getting started. (If you already use Express, you can support onboarding businesses with a single parameter change.)

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