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Romain Huet Developers

Today, we’ve added a new Developers section to the Dashboard that helps you build and manage your Stripe integration for improved efficiency. You can monitor API and webhook usage in real time, manage API upgrades, and access all our developer tools in one place.

Monitor your requests and errors

The Developer Dashboard now provides real-time charts for your API usage. You can filter errors by endpoint or type, and immediately dive into the logs for the requests that triggered the issues to fix them. You can also investigate webhook events and track the response time for each request sent to your servers. When used in test mode, this can be helpful in debugging requests to Stripe’s API and identifying errors in the development environment as they occur.

Easily keep your API version up to date

We regularly release new versions of our API that add new functionality and we let you choose when to upgrade. We’ve heard feedback that it’s not always easy to know whether an upgrade might break your integration. The Dashboard now surfaces exactly which API versions your business is using and any potential breaking changes before you upgrade.

Improve your integration

The new Developer Dashboard also offers suggestions on how to improve your website integration with suggested best practices. For example, TLS 1.1 deprecation is coming. You can now check if your integration is ready directly from the Dashboard.

We hope you find these features helpful. You can check out the Developers section by signing into your Stripe account.

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