Millions of organizations that use Stripe every day trust that we’ll grow at a clip that will help them scale and succeed. These posts cover Stripe’s exploration and expansion into new countries, markets, and modes of commerce.


Introducing Increment

Will Larson Engineering

As software becomes more important in the world, the practice and art of software is becoming more important too. A lot has been written about how individual engineers can be more effective. We've noticed that much less has been written about how software engineering teams can be more effective.

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Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs

Aylin Oncel Community Engagement

We built Stripe Atlas to help entrepreneurs from all over the globe start and run an internet business, no matter which industry they're in, where they're based, or their gender or ethnicity. However, women are still not starting companies or raising money at nearly the same rate as men—women made up only 7% of founders whose companies received more than $20M in VC funding between 2009 and 2015. We believe that a more diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem leads to better products and services for everyone.

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Why some businesses aren’t allowed

Danika Lyon Payment Acceptance

We’re building business infrastructure. As with other kinds of infrastructure (like hosting or electricity), we'd like to make it available to as broad a set of users as possible. While we may personally like some businesses on Stripe and disapprove of others, we want to make as few judgements as possible as a company. The world doesn’t need more gatekeepers.

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