Bodum expands globally by leveraging local payment methods with Stripe

Bodum is a kitchenware manufacturer producing high-quality coffee and tea solutions and household accessories. It creates functional designs at affordable prices with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Founded in Denmark in 1944, Bodum has operated from Switzerland since 1978 and is a third-generation family enterprise. With a motto of ‘make taste, not waste,’ Bodum is now focused on expanding online sales as a primary source of revenue while also enhancing sustainability within all aspects of its business.

Bodum saw a boost in ecommerce sales due to COVID-19, as online ordering increased globally and more people were home with the desire to make their own high-quality coffee. However, Bodum recognised the checkout process was often frustrating for customers, especially if their preferred payment method wasn’t available. “Sometimes people think that online is easy, but payment is something that is very sensitive to many customers,” says Peter Bodum, Ecommerce Manager.

With the majority of customers ordering from a mobile device, Bodum was looking to build a seamless online customer experience for both desktop and mobile.


Bodum partnered with Stripe’s Premium Support team to audit and optimise its payments process. The company, leveraging the Stripe Connector for Adobe Commerce, chose to use Stripe Elements to build their own customised checkout experience while taking advantage of pre-built conversion optimisations. With Stripe Elements, Bodum was also able to easily turn on local payment methods in addition to traditional credit cards without any additional integration time.

This is crucial to a quick, smooth checkout process. “Mobile checkout is the future, but the distraction rate is very high. If a customer is buying something through a mobile site and they get another notification, the risk of losing that purchase is high,” Bodum says. “Local payment methods are really important to help customers complete their purchase as quickly as possible.”


Bodum localised its checkout experience to scale its online business to 23 countries across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Implementing Stripe Elements took less than a month initially, and Bodum can now turn on any new payment methods that become available, directly from the Dashboard with no additional engineering required.

Partnering with Stripe improved Bodum’s conversion rates, minimised developer resources, and allowed flexibility and efficiency when launching into new markets. “Other payment processing platforms have been slow to update their systems and interfaces, but Stripe has given us a huge advantage in easing our burdens and payment issues,” Bodum says.

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