Instacart speeds up grocery delivery with Stripe

Instacart delivers groceries from local stores directly to customers. The North American leader in online grocery has partnered with Stripe to create the best way for people across North America to shop for groceries.

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Instacart facilities a multi-sided grocery marketplace with complex payment needs. The money that is spent on Instacart goes to multiple stakeholders and because of the complex backend, Instacart needs a simple payments user experience to serve a diverse group of retail partners, customers, and shoppers.


Stripe enables all aspects of Instacart’s intricate payments infrastructure to function at scale. Streamlined onboarding and sound payment flows mean that customers, shoppers, and retailers all benefit from a streamlined experience from the first point of contact. As the company’s sole payments
processor, Stripe offers specific solutions that serve as competitive differentiators for Instacart, like the “Instant Cashout” feature, which enables shoppers to cashout their earnings instantly.


Instacart’s goal is to bring the entire grocery store online. Stripe works with Instacart to identify opportunities and create an optimal customer and shopper payments experience. In 2020, Instacart saw a surge of growth, and its payments platform worked seamlessly as it welcomed new shoppers and scaled order volume for retailers, shoppers and customers alike.

Instacart grocery partners get everything they need with Stripe

Instacart works with grocers ranging from national brands to mom-and-pop stores. Connect enables Instacart to match every grocers’ needs, with national stores leveraging Stripe’s APIs to automatically pull reports while local businesses have the flexibility to set their own filters and simplify reporting.

Because digital platforms are new to the grocery industry, demystifying processes is a particularly important aspect of supporting partners. Stripe’s tools, content, and resources illustrate the payment operations and procedures with clarity.

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