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All Stripe customers receive 24x7 phone, email, and chat help plus access to support centre resources. Our support plans give you additional guidance with access to designated technical and support teams at Stripe.


Priority support for your fast-growing startup

Talk to the same team whenever you need help. Your support team knows your integration and gives you extra attention to solve issues, faster.


Proactive support with hands-on help

Access high-touch help for business-critical moments and a designated support manager to share regular insights to help grow your business.


Dedicated team with technical experts

Get support from a team with deep knowledge of your business and a designated technical account manager to work directly with your engineers.

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24x7, multi-channel support Multi-channel includes phone, email, and chat.

Support centre access Get familiar with Stripe products and explore reference documentation for the Stripe API.

Prioritised ticket routing for faster support

Designated support account specialists

Critical issue escalation for faster response and resolution Dedicated specialist team manages escalations and provides updates so you’re always informed.

Access to technical resources for integration reviews Save time by getting help from support engineers to review your integration and troubleshoot issues.

Proactive reporting, insights, and recommendations

Designated technical account manager (TAM) TAMs ensure you achieve your technical goals, maintain your live integration, and proactively mitigate risk.

High volume event management Prepare for important peak volume days.

Real-time incident monitoring and alerts Minimise disruptions with critical alerts to warn you of potential risks earlier.

Dedicated channels in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Case study

Nord Security uses Stripe Enterprise Support to drive payment optimisation

Nord Security is a leading provider of privacy and digital security solutions for businesses and individuals who need to feel safe online.


With over 15 million users, Nord Security constantly pushes the boundaries of payment optimisation. Nord Security turned to Stripe Enterprise Support to help uncover improvements in payment security, fraud reduction, and compliance to drive payment optimisation further.


After making the recommended improvements, Nord Security reduced unnecessary processing fees and interchange costs. Nord Security saw a 5.1% uplift in authorisation rates and 2.6% more transactions recaptured with Adaptive Acceptance.


Enterprise Support has absolutely helped us optimise processing and reduce declines. Working closely with a technical account manager gives us the opportunity to ask more questions and get detailed answers, faster.

Kes Saulis, Head of Payments, Nord Security

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Integration consultants and engineers guide you through every stage of your implementation, from strategy and design to technical development and launch. After your integration is live, our support experts provide optimisation recommendations and insights to help you maximise value.

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