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Grow faster by partnering with Stripe’s technical experts

Grow your business confidently with expertise and best practices from your Stripe technical account manager. Our support plans give you the highest level of assurance, with always-on safeguards and proactive investment in the technical health of your account.


Priority, context-aware support

Move faster with priority access to support and help from a specialist familiar with your integration and account history.


Proactive monitoring and insights

Improve the performance of your solution with ongoing insights and recommendations from your technical account manager.


Deep technical partnership and advocacy

Reach your technical and business goals faster with proactive engagement, joint planning, and alignment from your embedded technical account manager.

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All Stripe customers receive 24x7 phone, email, and chat help, plus access to support centre resources and Stripe’s developer Discord server.

Growth Ideal for businesses with limited payment support needs that can benefit from prioritised support and a named point of contact at Stripe.
Premium Recommended for businesses that require proactive engagement with a named technical account manager, in addition to ongoing insights, optimisations, and prioritised support.
Enterprise Designed for Stripe’s largest customers or any business that needs ongoing partnership, planning and alignment with a technical account manager embedded within its team.

Technical account manager Stripe TAMs have deep expertise across payments, platform, reporting, and the Stripe API and are responsible for the technical health of your account. Enterprise TAMs are embedded within your team to support your own initiatives and ensure technical alignment with Stripe.

Reactive, named TAM Scaled, named TAM Named TAM embedded within your team

Developer-to-developer priority routing Save time by getting help from support engineers to review your integration and troubleshoot issues.

1 developer profile 2 developer profiles 4 developer profiles

Context-aware support Get support from a specialist familiar with your integration and account history anytime you need help with an issue.

Priority email support and routing Get faster response and resolution from specialised Stripe support agents.

6-hour response SLA 4-hour response SLA 4-hour response SLA

Business-critical email response and resolution Skip the support queue with access to Stripe’s 24/7 critical response teams.

15-minute response SLA 15-minute response SLA

Continuous optimisation Get ongoing insights, optimizations, and prioritized support from a named technical account manager.

Essential optimizations: fraud, disputes, and operational support Essential and customer-defined optimisations customised to your business needs, plus API health recommendations

Real-time merchant health alerts Monitoring and alerting to notify your team of unexpected trends or issues proactively.

API availability reporting TAMs will regularly provide availability reports on our payments API.

Proactive reporting, insights, and recommendations Enterprise customers can gain deeper insights about performance with custom reporting.

Critical support for flash sales and key events Get ready for peak volume events with preparation, testing, observability, alerting, and reporting support.

Dedicated Slack channel Reach your technical account manager as easily as the rest of your team.

Case study

Nord Security uses Stripe Enterprise Support to drive payment optimisation

Nord Security is a leading provider of privacy and digital security solutions for businesses and individuals who need to feel safe online.


With over 15 million users, Nord Security constantly pushes the boundaries of payment optimizstion. Nord Security turned to Stripe Enterprise Support to help improve payment security, fraud, and compliance.


After making the recommended improvements, Nord Security reduced unnecessary processing fees and interchange costs. Nord Security improved authorisation rates by 5.1% and recaptured 2.6% more transactions with Adaptive Acceptance.


Enterprise Support has absolutely helped us optimise processing and reduce declines. Working closely with a technical account manager gives us the opportunity to ask more questions and get detailed answers, faster.

Kes Saulis, Head of Payments, Nord Security

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