Chow Sang Sang increased its payment conversion rate by 20% with Stripe

Chow Sang Sang is a pioneering gold jewellery company that has operated in Hong Kong since 1973. The company is a customer favourite, renowned for its high-quality, upscale jewellery, and it wanted to become the premier online jewellery retailer for Chinese customers worldwide. However, it offered a poor payment experience and had low checkout conversion rates. In order to address these challenges and expand internationally, Chow Sang Sang needed a reputable payment processor with global operations.

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Unlike other traditional jewellery retailers, Chow Sang Sang's next phase of growth focused heavily on increasing online sales in international markets. The company aimed to maximise revenue by delivering an exceptional customer experience. However, it was experiencing high card-decline rates with its payment processor, which significantly decreased revenue. Chow Sang Sang was also unhappy with the level of customer support provided by the payment processor.


Chow Sang Sang evaluated major global payment processors, including Stripe, for authorisation rates, dashboard and reporting capabilities, and customer support. Stripe’s professional services team of highly trained technical specialists worked closely with Chow Sang Sang’s integration team to understand their custom implementation requirements.


Launched within 1 month

The Stripe professional services team guided Chow Sang Sang through in-depth workshops to determine the payment-integration design for

Chow Sang Sang worked with Stripe professional services for eight weeks, and the entire payment-integration changeover and build process took just four weeks. Using Stripe’s predefined Quickstart offering, the teams built a payment integration that successfully met Chow Sang Sang's business needs and accelerated launch timelines.

"The Stripe professional services team helped us design an integrated solution that could fulfil our business needs, and they guided its implementation. This was essential for us. We could foresee that because such complex integration was required, we would not have managed to complete the integration were it not for the direct support and guidance from the professional services team."
Technical Engineer, Chow Sang Sang

20% increase in authorization rates

With the new Stripe payment integration, Chow Sang Sang was able to provide a higher-quality payment experience to its customers. This included supporting multicurrency payments, optimising checkout flows, reducing the fraud rate, and increasing the authorisation rate by 20%.

Improved data visibility

Previously, Chow Sang Sang could not determine why it had high card-decline rates. Stripe’s payment reports helped the team understand, adapt to, and act quickly on payment-related issues. After its success with, the Chow Sang Sang Group migrated all of its other websites to Stripe.

“Never underestimate the effect that payments have on a business. They are not just about helping you receive money, but they also directly affect business revenue."
Fai Leung, Deputy Director of Omnichannel Business

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