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Andrew Nelder Technical Solutions Engineering

Today, we’re excited to add .NET to our officially supported languages (alongside Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Node, and Go). Going forward, we’ll regularly be updating the Stripe .NET library to support our latest products and features.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working closely with Jayme Davis, the maintainer of a popular third-party library for .NET developers, to transfer it over to Stripe. With more than 400,000 downloads, the library represents the cumulative work of dozens of open-source contributors and targets the .NET Standard to support cross-platform compatibility.

The latest release includes some additional improvements:

  • Bitcoin and 3D Secure in Sources. The Sources API offers a single integration path for all payment methods. The .NET library now supports Bitcoin payments and 3D Secure via Sources so that developers can maintain simpler integrations for specific payment methods.
  • Webhook signatures. We’ve added webhook signatures to help you ensure that the information you receive at your webhook endpoint has not been altered by a malicious third party.
  • Improved object expansion. The .NET library now deserializes more objects from our JSON API, which should provide faster access to properties on nested objects. In many cases, it also reduces unnecessary API calls.

We’ve updated our API reference to include complete code samples for .NET and we plan to roll out .NET code examples throughout our documentation over the next few months. You can get the latest library from GitHub or NuGet, and check out a simple example using Stripe and ASP.NET.

We hope these updates make it easier and faster for .NET developers to integrate and use Stripe. We’d also love to hear your feedback and ideas: just open an issue, join our IRC channel, or send us an email.

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