Heyzap: Taking Payments to the Next Level with Stripe

Arguably, the best part of playing games on your phone is the friendly competition with your opponent. Heyzap, the largest social community of mobile gamers, is changing the way we play games together. It supports more than 3,500 games and has been downloaded nine million times on iPhones and Android devices in the past year alone. For developers, Heyzap provides an SDK to easily add social gaming features like leaderboards and achievements to boost downloads, user engagement and retention. Heyzap has partnered with hundreds of mobile game developers, including PocketGems, Spacetime Studios, Digital Chocolate, Fluik, and Vostu, among others.

Transparent Pricing

Heyzap needed to offer a secure, simple, and affordable way to accept payments from developers looking to advertise on mobile devices. Their initial payments provider was rife with hidden fees, so the company decided it needed a better solution: Stripe. The Heyzap team integrated Stripe directly into their developer dashboard and crafted a model user experience in just a couple of days allowing developers to pay per install of their application. “We integrated another payments service first and we weren’t told that we would be charged an extra fee of $500 per month. With Stripe’s pricing, no matter how much money we were making, we understood what we would earn. Stripe only charges us when we make money and we never have to worry about it,” said Andrew McCalister from Heyzap.

Simple & Straightforward API

The clear pricing model was just one of the perks Heyzap found with Stripe. Another – Stripe is dead simple. “One of the reasons we chose Stripe was because of the ease of implementation. Stripe has fantastic documentation---the integration was trivial for our engineers. We were able to integrate Stripe from start to finish in one or two days,” said Jude Gomila, Cofounder of Heyzap. The simplicity of the Stripe API saved Heyzap valuable engineering time. “When choosing a payments provider, you need to factor in more than just the transaction fees. The time spent on integration can be costly. We want our engineers to be building and improving our core product. Stripe was easy to implement and our team could focus on what mattered to us most,” said McCalister. With Stripe, Heyzap’s engineering team could focus on their product instead of building and maintaining confusing payment systems.

Superior User Experience

Last, but not least, Heyzap decided on Stripe over other companies like PayPal, because of its fantastic support. “We were considering using PayPal, but we found they had a very painful customer support experience. With Stripe, we’ve never once had an issue. It just works,” said McCalister. Stripe is single-mindedly focused on creating the best merchant experience, and that shows with the work Stripe has done with the Heyzap team.

“Since implementing Stripe, we’ve been able to easily accept and track regular payments, something we weren’t doing before, said McCalister. “Stripe makes payments stable, and lets us focus on bringing first-class services to our ecosystem of developers.”

For more information, visit Heyzap.

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