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Gabriel Hubert Engineering

We’re starting to add support for displaying Checkout in your customers’ preferred languages. In addition to English, Checkout now speaks Japanese, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.

We tested this feature with over 220,000 customers across different types of businesses and found that displaying a translated Checkout converts significantly better for many companies—in particular, where the rest of their website is translated. For those sites, revenue from non-English speakers increased by between 7 and 12 percent—a huge jump for one tiny checkout change.

Based on our results, we strongly recommend you enable this feature if you already have a website in the eight languages we currently support.

You can opt in to using the translated version with a single line of code. If you’re using the simple integration, just pass data-locale="auto" into the <script> tag. If you have a custom integration, use locale: 'auto' when calling StripeCheckout.configure(). There’s more info in the docs.

This change illustrates part of our broader goal with Checkout: to deliver a constant stream of refinements that automatically improve your checkout flow and help you reach more customers.

If you notice anything surprising, or have questions or feedback, please let me know!

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