Shore partners with Stripe professional services for Shore Pay Terminal rollout

Shore is an appointment booking platform, enabling customers to schedule appointments with businesses and pay for services online or in store. Serving a wide range of industries, from beauty salons to cafés, Shore eases the administrative workload for businesses by providing convenient calendar and customer management tools while accepting payments from customers where it's most convenient. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Shore solutions are available in Europe and the US.

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To increase payment volume and revenue opportunities, Shore was looking to bring all payments onto its platform. While Shore already offered reliable booking and payment options online, its point-of-sale (POS) booking system lacked an in-person payments solution. Shore customers were required to use different providers and devices to make in-store payments.

Shore wanted to provide businesses with a more comprehensive product experience with a reliable and easy solution for booking appointments and unifying commerce across channels.


Shore already used Stripe Connect and Stripe Payments for online payments, so it relied on Stripe to enhance its POS system using Stripe Terminal.

Strength and efficiency with Stripe professional services

Shore turned to Stripe professional services for a five-month implementation engagement to strengthen its integration and meet timeline milestones. Professional services developed a tailored Terminal implementation guide, and through constant communication, business process, and architectural reviews, the teams worked to execute a smooth release plan with reduced development effort. Professional services hosted several workshops to ensure Shore understood all the functionality and use cases of Terminal devices, including navigating the accompanying platform Dashboard and reporting features.

The partnership gave Shore a direct line to the Stripe Terminal product team, who helped resolve a challenge with the Terminal splash screen within hours. Together, the teams tested and adjusted the implementation to account for the end user’s experience, including connecting to Wi-Fi, resolving connectivity issues, and testing cards.

Shore’s partnership with Stripe professional services also gave it early access to betas, including one for Instant Payouts and one for the Terminal Hardware Orders API. Access to these betas enabled Shore to build an even more robust platform, giving Shore customers the added benefit of faster payouts and a more streamlined Terminal ordering process.


With the guidance of Stripe professional services, Shore Pay launched on time in May 2022, with an estimated 20% reduced timeline. In combination with Shore’s successful marketing campaign, customer adoption has seen significant uptake, with more than 275 Shore Pay accounts already created.

With Stripe Terminal, Shore could help its customers move from an accumulation of disparate payment providers and devices to a single secure payments platform. This approach gives Shore a full view of payments and accompanying data for all businesses, helping it better understand and support its customers and reduce administrative efforts. Businesses also benefit from an improved customer experience and consolidated inventory and payment management.

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