Blackthorn Payments and Stripe offer complete suite of payment solutions to Salesforce customers

Blackthorn is an AppExchange partner for Salesforce, providing customers with event management and compliant payment processing solutions, all built within Salesforce.

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Blackthorn Payments allows Salesforce users to manage all customer information and transactional data within the Salesforce platform. Blackthorn has always used Stripe to manage payments, but as it expanded it needed to offer its customers more of the functionality that Stripe offers. This includes enabling its users to accept international currencies and allowing users to view comprehensive transaction details. Maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance within Salesforce also was an important requirement.


Blackthorn can integrate multiple payment options into Salesforce, but encourages its customers to choose Stripe. All Stripe’s products – including Stripe Connect and Stripe Billing – can be seamlessly integrated into the CRM platform, and users can manage all of their transactions directly in Salesforce. Customer information is also processed and stored by Stripe and never stored in Salesforce, which maintains PCI compliance.


Blackthorn now offers Salesforce users all options within the Stripe API, including Billing, Terminal, Connect, and more. Blackthorn saves developer time and increases customer satisfaction. Blackthorn also partners with Stripe’s Sales team for customer acquisition and support during complex sales. Companies such as Kemper and have streamlined their payments processes using the power of Salesforce, saving teams time and money, and allowing them to take payments in person and online.

From trial to accepting payments in 15 minutes

Once Blackthorn identifies a Salesforce customer in need of a Stripe payment solution, it offers a free install within Salesforce AppExchange. Using a process called the Quick Setup Wizard, Blackthorn guides Salesforce users through setting up a Stripe account. In 15 minutes, users can jump from trial installation to completing Stripe transactions.

Stripe Terminal boosts revenue for Blackthorn

Stripe’s product velocity continues to open new revenue streams for Blackthorn. Blackthorn uses Stripe's Terminal (a Bluetooth card reader) to enable field service teams using Salesforce Field Service or Mobile platforms to accept payments using a mobile app on service jobs. Accepting payments in the field is PCI compliant and cuts down payment time by 30 days.

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