Avocadostore leverages Stripe’s flexible APIs to scale its eco-marketplace

Avocadostore is Germany’s largest marketplace for eco-fashion & green lifestyle products. Sustainable suppliers can sell their goods online easily through Avocadostore, furthering the collective mission of supporting sustainable economic concepts, protecting the environment and ensuring fair wages.

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Avocadostore serves two audiences that intersect with a common goal of supporting sustainable fashion: suppliers and consumers. As the sustainable fashion movement has become more mainstream, and Avocadostore begins to compete with major online retailers, it became critical to scale these two audiences. As a result, Avocadostore needed the ability to expand its reach and professionalise its internal systems while maintaining a great experience for customers and merchants.


Avocadostore chose Stripe for its flexible APIs, which allowed it to integrate all of Stripe’s tools within the company’s existing e-commerce system. Previously, Avocadostore was reconciling merchant payouts, order returns and cancellations by hand. This is now completely automated, allowing Avocadostore to provide merchants with a seamless onboarding and payout experience. In addition, Stripe Radar reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions, and 3DS initiates a double confirmation with the customer’s bank prior to a purchase – both of which are critical in the retail industry.


By automating processes, Avocadostore pays out its merchants easier and 4x faster (weekly versus monthly). This allows merchants to have better cash flow and Avocadostore to spend more time concentrating on their core business. Avocadostore is proud to offer a best-in-class customer and merchant experience as they continue their mission of accelerating the eco-fashion industry and community.

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