Use cases

Launch financial services on your platform

Enhance your platform by embedding financial services, including accounts, cards, and lending. Companies such as Shopify and Housecall Pro offer embedded financial services – tailored specifically to their core users – to attract more customers, add new lines of revenue, and improve their customer experience.

Differentiate your platform

Build better financial services for your customers

Offer services tailored for your customers with more flexibility than traditional providers. Enable customers to earn, store, manage, and move money without leaving your platform.

Let your customers accept online and in-person payments

Integrate payments into your platform for a seamless user experience – from onboarding to payments acceptance to payouts.

Provide businesses with access to capital

Give eligible customers easy access to financing to help them grow their businesses.

Allow your customers to store and spend funds

Create bank account replacements for your customers that are eligible for FDIC insurance and can support ACH and wire transfers.

Issue cards for access to funds in seconds

Give business owners, contractors and freelancers fast access to their earnings via virtual and physical cards.

Grow your business

Make financial products part of your offering

Embedded finance can drive growth, boost user engagement, increase loyalty, and add new revenue streams on top of subscriptions. Stripe's banking-as-a-service solutions are the fastest way to add these features to your platform.

Build a one-stop destination

Enhance your software with financial services so that customers can manage all aspects of their business on your platform.

Win and retain more customers

Embed customised financial services that keep customers engaged and differentiate your platform from competitors.

Increase revenue

Add new revenue streams on top of your existing business by monetising payments, card interchange, and financing fees.

Learn more about banking-as-a-service

Platforms are launching new offerings and experiences with banking-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions from Stripe and our bank partners. Read our guide to learn how embedded finance works and what you need to get started.


Product resources

Introduction to banking-as-a-service

How it works

The fastest way for your platform to become a fintech

Stripe is the most streamlined way to build financial service offerings on your platform. We handle the fundamentals – such as back-end compliance requirements, bank partner negotiations, and infrastructure – so you can focus on creating tailored experiences for your customers.

A complete suite of financial products

Stripe enables you to build the services you need without integrating multiple technology partners – whether for payments, loans, financial accounts, cards, or all of the above.

Developer-friendly APIs

We provide intuitive APIs, docs, and integration processes so that you can get started without significant upfront – or ongoing – investment or resources.

Scale and reliability

Stripe enables payments for millions of businesses – including many of the world’s biggest platforms. The same reliable infrastructure powers our BaaS offerings.

Streamlined compliance

We make it easy for you to onboard and support customers while we handle complicated back-end compliance requirements.

Case studies

Shopify uses Stripe to provide merchants with flexibility and control

Shopify is a leading global commerce company, providing trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size. With Shopify Balance, merchants can manage their funds, pay bills and track expenses. This gives them easier access to financial products and greater control over their business.


Financial services are an essential part of running a business, but most banking services aren’t designed for the needs of independent business owners.


Shopify Balance offers Shopify merchants a fast, simple, and integrated way to manage their funds. Built on Stripe Issuing and Treasury, Shopify Balance gives users access to critical products – all within Shopify.


By building across Stripe’s payments and banking-as-a-service infrastructure, we’ve been able to give Shopify merchants access to critical financial products that meet their needs, such as faster access to funds and rewards, helping them further grow their businesses.

Tui Allen, Senior Product Lead for Banking at Shopify

Jobber works with Stripe to launch financial services

Jobber is a field services software company that helps home service professionals streamline and automate daily operations, from scheduling jobs to invoicing customers.


Jobber wanted to enable growth for the home service professionals on its platform by helping them get paid faster and access financing.


With Stripe, Jobber professionals are able to accept both online and in-person payments, while also getting paid in hours instead of weeks. Stripe also helps Jobber’s professionals solve cash-flow constraints by providing access to flexible financing and capital within the Jobber platform.

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Without Stripe, it would have taken significant time and engineering effort to offer these resources to our customers. The financial infrastructure Stripe offers is incredibly valuable to Jobber.

BloomNation uses Stripe to help independent florists achieve 40% annual growth

BloomNation is an online marketplace that enables over 3,500 florists to reach more customers with their bespoke floral designs. It allows anyone to discover and send handcrafted floral arrangements across the US, and also gives independent florists a complete platform to grow their business, including tools for marketing, payments, order management, and more.


Founded in 2011, BloomNation was using Balanced Payments to run its marketplace payments. When that company shut down in 2015, BloomNation needed a replacement to continue powering its rapid rate of growth, and offered a speedy transition to switch over.


With Stripe Connect onboarding, BloomNation can seamlessly and instantly approve new florists for payments. With Stripe Capital, BloomNation was able to stand up an embedded lending experience for its customers in days to relieve cash constraints and help them invest in growth.
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With Stripe, we get to work with the market leader in payments. It’s great to partner with Stripe on new products and functionality, and Stripe makes it really easy to spin up new merchants and verticals.

Gregg Weisstein, Founder and COO

Persona uses Stripe BaaS to build a financial platform for independent businesses

Persona is a software solution that helps professionals of all types – from fitness and wellness instructors to movers and contractors – seamlessly run their businesses’ finances.


Persona wanted to build a platform that would make it easy for independent business owners and contractors to manage their businesses’ finances. They were looking for a partner to provide the infrastructure that would enable them to create a tailored financial offering and quickly go to market.


Stripe’s banking-as-a-service offerings (Stripe Issuing and Treasury) provided Persona with the infrastructure to build an all-in-one financial solution for its customers, with a financial account for storing funds and business cards for expenses.
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If we didn’t have Stripe Issuing and Treasury, this entire vision wouldn’t have been realistic or possible. Stripe’s offerings enabled us to build a set of features that we couldn’t have built with anyone else.

Eran Artzi, Co-founder

Professional services

Launch embedded financial services with help from Stripe experts

Our experts guide you through your financial services integration, using strategies informed by thousands of successful projects.

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Loans and card services are provided by Celtic Bank, Member FDIC. All loans subject to credit approval. Stripe Treasury is provided in the US by Stripe Payments Company, with funds held at Stripe's bank partners, Members FDIC.