Frictionless checkout

Boost conversion at checkout with Link

Link auto-fills your customers’ payment information to create an easy and secure checkout experience, increasing conversion rates by over 7%.

Increase conversion

Create a frictionless checkout – our global checkout study showed that Link increases conversion rates by over 7% for logged-in Link customers.

Speed up checkout

Enable your customers to check out in just 6 seconds with the optimised Link experience, 9x faster than non-Link customers.

Access a global network

Link is available on hundreds of thousands of sites – customers can save payment info on any Link-supported site, and pay in one click across the network.

Integrate seamlessly

Integrate Link directly into your existing Stripe Payments UIs – it’s available in Checkout with no code required and matches your customised UI in Elements.

How it works

Link customer experience

Link auto-fills your customers’ saved information in a few simple steps. Your customers’ data is encrypted to keep it secure and, as a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, Link meets the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.


Save payment info

Customers choose to save their payment information at checkout.


Pay in one click

For all future purchases on Link-supported sites, Link auto-fills saved payment details so customers can check out in a single click.


Account verification

When customers use Link on a new site or new device, they’ll receive a one-time code via SMS to verify their identity and keep their payment information secure.

Dedicated customer experience

Account management and support

Link customers can add and delete payment methods and addresses directly in your checkout flow without being redirected to another app.

For post-purchase support, customers can visit to make changes to their account, view their purchase history, or contact the Link customer support team.

Fully integrated

Get started with Link

Link is built into your existing payments integration with no additional charges or fees.

Link in Checkout

No code is required to enable Link if you use the Checkout payments integration or Payment Links, and you can manage Link directly from the Dashboard.

Link in Elements

For businesses and platforms in the US and Europe, seamlessly integrate Link into your checkout with the Payment Element. Link will soon be available for the Card Element.

Fiat-to-crypto onramp Invite-only

Embed our fiat-to-crypto onramp in your checkout flow to enable Link customers to instantly top up their crypto wallet and make purchases on your site. Customers save their identity credentials with Link so they can check out in one click for future purchases.

Ready to get started?

For businesses on Elements, visit our Integration Guide to get started. Businesses on Checkout have Link enabled already. Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help with any questions.

Transparent pricing

Link is included in your existing pricing for Stripe Payments if you have integrated pricing. If you have customised pricing, please get in touch.

Mobile Payment Element

Link is available for businesses that use the Payment Element for iOS and Android. Reduce friction at checkout and increase conversion rate by adding Link to your mobile app today.