Frictionless checkout

Boost conversion at checkout with Link

Link auto-fills your customers’ payment information to create an easy and secure checkout experience.

Increase conversion

Create a frictionless checkout –our A/B test showed that Link increases conversion rates by 14% for businesses with a large returning customer base.

Speed up checkout

Enable your customers to check out in seconds with the optimised Link experience, 3x faster than non-Link customers.

Access a global network

Tap into a network that's adding millions of new customers every month. Link is built into the hundreds of thousands of sites that use Stripe.

Activate quickly

Turn on Link directly in Stripe’s payment integrations – it’s available in Checkout with no code required and will match your customised UI in Elements.

[Link] is one of the most critical pieces of making sure we have a really, really well-operating shopfront. About 18% of all payments are leveraging Link now so it’s really great to see our customers adopt and trust it.

Michelle Lin, CFO, Italic

How it works

Link customer experience

Link auto-fills your customers’ saved information in a few simple steps. Your customers’ data is encrypted to keep it secure and, as a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, Link meets the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.


Save payment info

Customers choose to save their payment information at checkout.


Account verification

When customers use Link on a new site or new device, they’ll receive a one-time code via SMS to verify their identity and keep their payment information secure.


Check out faster

Link instantly populates customers’ saved payment details when they enter their email address, allowing them to check out quickly on any Link-supported site.

Fully integrated

Get started in a few simple steps

Link is built into Stripe payments surfaces with no additional charges or fees.

Stripe Checkout

No code is required to enable Link if you use the Checkout payments integration or Payment Links, and you can manage Link directly from the Dashboard.

Stripe Elements

For businesses and platforms in 40+ countries, seamlessly integrate Link into your checkout with the Payment Element. Link is also available for the Payment Request Button and the Card Element.

Case studies

ChatGPT Plus sees faster checkout with Link customers.

OpenAI builds models such as ChatGPT and DALL·E. These models demonstrate the potential of AI to transform the way we communicate and create.


OpenAI sought to introduce its first paid subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus, and quickly stand up commercial operations that could scale.


Within weeks, OpenAI was able to integrate Stripe payments products, including Link. Link enables OpenAI’s customers to pay 40% faster.


The performance of Link speaks for itself – the product has significantly increased our conversion rate and delivered a faster checkout experience.

Peter Welinder, VP of Product and Partnerships, OpenAI
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Link becomes MemberPress’s top payment method within four months

MemberPress is a paywall, membership, and learning management system plugin for WordPress that helps creators and influencers easily build and monetise their online services.


As MemberPress grew, it was looking for new and innovative ways to remove friction from the checkout experience.


MemberPress integrated the Payment Element and Link and within a few months, Link had become the most used payment method on the platform. Over 30% of customers choose Link at checkout.


We want to be the easiest membership platform and Link helps us get further in that direction. Since using Link, we’ve seen a 5% platform-wide growth in conversions in four months.

Paul Carter, Head of Product Development
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Simple, transparent pricing


Included in your payments processing cost with no additional fees*, regardless of the payment method.

2.1% + 2.00kr

per successful card charge

Non-Link transactions with Norwegian cards and EU cards

For non-Link transactions with Norwegian cards and EU cards, we charge per-transaction pricing, which varies by issuer.

Pricing details 
2.4% + 2.00kr

per successful card charge

Ready to get started?

Link is built into existing Stripe payments integrations with no additional charges or fees. Not sure where to begin? We’re here to answer any questions.

*Companies on custom pricing for payments processing should contact sales about their Link pricing.

**Starting on 21 March 2024, Stripe will begin matching Link Payment Method rates to custom blended rates for cards on a rolling basis. Businesses with custom blended rates for cards will have the same rate automatically applied to Link Payment Method transactions and disputes, unless the business also has a custom rate for Link Payment Method.