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Unify payments, billing, and revenue management

Improve customer experience, grow recurring revenue, and reduce costs with a single unified platform for payments, subscriptions, invoicing, accounting, tax, and more. Companies like Zoom, Atlassian, and Slack work with us to move fast and scale globally.

Capture more revenue

Power any billing model

Launch new plans and start accepting payments in minutes

Collect and store payment details including cards, ACH, and other popular payment methods. Easily send invoices to recurring customers, and offer discounts and free trials to drive adoption.

Support any pricing model

Billing logic for everything from per-seat pricing to metered billing is available out of the box. Automate billing and revenue recognition for upgrades, downgrades, and tax rates.

Support custom pricing for complex deals

Give sales teams the ability to send quotes, negotiate rates, and automate the collection process. Sync billing and payments data with your ERP and accounting systems.

Reduce engineering effort

Save time and resources spent on billing

Stop compromising between billing needs and engineering bandwidth. With Stripe’s pre-built interfaces and billing components, you can easily launch optimised billing experiences without diverting engineering resources from your core product.

Get paid more quickly with pre-built invoices

Stripe-hosted invoices get paid 3x faster than traditional invoices. Our conversion-optimised invoices make it easy to charge customers around the world.

Launch a customer portal in minutes

Let customers change their subscription or update billing details by sharing a secure link to Stripe’s pre-built customer portal. Tailor your customer portal with your logo and brand colours.

Move faster with built-in automation

Automate with webhooks

Programmatically trigger actions based on lifecycle events like upgrades, payments, and cancellations.

Billing proration

Stripe automatically prorates billing when any plan changes occur.

Schedule subscriptions

Configure rules to easily make changes to subscriptions over time.

Automatic reminders

Maximise your chances of getting paid with email reminders for missed or overdue payments.

Reliably sync data across all your systems

If you already have tools to manage customers, quotes, orders, or revenue recognition, you can use our prebuilt integrations to reliably connect Stripe with dozens of common systems—from sales and marketing tools like Salesforce and Docusign to ERP and accounting platforms like NetSuite and Xero.

Why Stripe

Optimise revenue with the power of the Stripe platform

Offer a local experience in every market

Stripe supports 135+ currencies and dozens of global payment methods such as Apple Pay, ACH, BACS, iDEAL, and SEPA Direct Debit that can help increase conversion by as much as 50%. We also help you navigate tax and handle regulatory requirements like SCA by triggering 3D. Secure authentication when required.

Reduce churn with revenue recovery tools

Nearly a quarter of churn is involuntary. Stripe’s dunning tools help businesses recover 41% of failed recurring payments on average. Businesses using our smart retries recover 14% more revenue than those retrying failed payments on a set schedule.

Simplify accrual accounting with automated revenue reporting

Automate and configure revenue recognition so you can close your books quickly and accurately. Revenue Recognition effortlessly handles even the most complex scenarios – upgrades, downgrades, prorations, refunds, and disputes.

Streamline and optimise your business

Use Stripe’s revenue and finance automation tools to drive growth, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. A tight integration between billing, payments, tax, revenue reporting, and data helps you recover more revenue, spend less on compliance, and speed up payments.

Grow your SaaS business with Stripe

In this brief demo video, learn how to unify your payments, billing, and revenue management to streamline SaaS subscriptions and capture more revenue.

Case studies

Slack uses Stripe to automate payments & billing

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that needed help automating custom billing schedules and allowing customers to update their own plans.


To meet rapidly growing demand, Slack expanded to serve more global customers and large-scale enterprises. Among other challenges, Slack needed to support a variety of payment methods in different regions, set up automation for a custom, usage-based invoicing system, and let customers adjust their own plans.


In just 2 weeks, Slack worked with Stripe to launch a new system that automated all their billing and payment collection needs across 15 countries. It dramatically reduced engineering time spent on maintaining an in-house system and helped their operational team spend less time responding to custom pricing requests.

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Having a billing system that lets you stay nimble to respond to customers' needs is really critical. Stripe gives you that flexibility.

Jackie Rocca, Director of Product, Slack

Twilio partnered with Stripe to increase revenue

Twilio is a communication platform that needed a partner to help them improve global payments performance to increase conversion and revenue.


As Twilio expanded globally, they needed a payment processor equipped to handle international transactions at scale with high authorisation rates to maximise revenue uplift, reduce issuer declines, and reduce involuntary churn.


Twilio ran an A/B test with multiple major global payment processors monitoring authorisation rates across card networks. After weeks of testing, they saw a 10% uplift overall in authorisation rates from working with Stripe.

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It requires zero effort from our side. It’s purely done on the engineering efforts of Stripe.

Chris Nasson, Director of Investor Relations & Treasury at Twilio

Typeform uses Stripe to launch flexible pricing plans

Typeform is a form builder that wanted to quickly launch new pricing as they developed new products, entered new markets, and closed custom deals.


Typeform needed to implement a global billing system that would allow charging monthly and annual subscription fees.


Typeform rebuilt their billing system on Stripe, which let them launch a new set of subscription plans – billed monthly or annually. They can now automate customer upgrades, send recurring invoices, collect payments in multiple currencies, and handle financial reporting without manual intervention.

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WeTransfer migrated to Stripe to scale faster

WeTransfer is a file transfer service that needed a partner to help them scale billing and payments as they grew in size and complexity.


WeTransfer was growing out of their homegrown billing and payments system which only supported two pricing plans and two currencies.


Instead of continuing to refactor their in-house system, WeTransfer migrated to Stripe to increase billing flexibility as they scaled. With Stripe, they launched new pricing plans, supported new global payment methods, automated payments collection, and added fraud detection.

Read the full story.


Stripe offered what we needed out of the box – plus we wanted a system that we could reason about, good documentation, and had existing integrations with essential third-party tools.

Andrei Horak, Engineer at WeTransfer

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