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How we built instant payouts with Lyft


Lyft’s biggest request from drivers was the ability to get paid more frequently compared to traditional weekly payouts, which meant Lyft needed to find a way to seamlessly pay out drivers at their convenience.


Lyft worked with Stripe to build Express Pay, providing drivers the ability to decide when they want to get paid out – typically within a few hours of a journey.


How we built multi-party payments with Instacart


Instacart facilitates a multi-sided marketplace with complex payment needs. Instacart needed a way to streamline payments and payouts across consumers, grocery stores, shoppers and delivery partners.


Stripe enabled all aspects of Instacart’s intricate payments infrastructure to function at scale, making it easy for customers to pay the way they want, and using features such as Instant Checkout to speed up payouts to shoppers and retailers.


How we built embedded finance with Shopify


Dealing with banking and financial services is an essential part of running a business, yet most of today’s banking services aren’t designed for the needs of Shopify’s independent business owners.


Shopify built Shopify Balance using Stripe Treasury to offer Shopify merchants a fast, simple and integrated way to obtain critical financial products and oversee their finances – all within Shopify.


Stripe Treasury gives us the flexibility to customise Shopify Balance specifically for our merchants. By building across Stripe’s payments and banking infrastructure, we’ve been able to give Shopify merchants access to critical financial products that meet their needs, such as faster access to funds and rewards, helping them further grow their businesses.

Tui Allen, Senior Lead of Banking Services

How we launched Stripe Climate with Flexport


To prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change, we need to radically reduce the new emissions we put into the air, and develop new carbon removal technologies to remove carbon already in the atmosphere.


Stripe partnered with forward-thinking businesses such as Flexport to launch Stripe Climate, which makes it easy for businesses to contribute a fraction of revenue to fund frontier carbon removal technology. So far, more than two thousand businesses have purchased frontier carbon removal with Stripe Climate.


There’s huge potential for Stripe Climate to drive meaningful change in protecting the environment. We're excited to be part of it and to help unlock new solutions to humanitarian and environmental issues.

Susy Schöneberg, VP of Impact and GM of

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