Taqtile uses Zaybra to integrate Stripe payments with HubSpot in one hour

Seattle-based Taqtile gives industrial workers the tools they need to complete their jobs more efficiently, accurately, and safely. By using proven technologies, including augmented reality, 3D visualization, and real-time collaborative communication, Taqtile’s Manifest® platform is revolutionising how deskless workers do their jobs and complete complex tasks. By using Zaybra, a HubSpot-native app, to sync its payments and go-to-market data, Taqtile was able to offer online buying and self-onboarding while also reducing manual input.

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Taqtile’s technology uses augmented reality (AR) to deliver step-by-step guidance to frontline workers across industries, from aerospace and defence to manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas.

“Imagine you’re in the US Army and you have to repair a tank in the field, but you have no idea how to do that, and no connectivity or support,” says Lance Williams, vice president of marketing at Taqtile. “Now, you can put on a set of AR goggles, or hold up an iPad or phone, and Manifest gives you step-by-step instructions with leader lines pointing you to the precise location of the task. If you get stuck, you can watch a video or call an expert who can see what you see and draw guidance directly into your field of vision. This massively reduces errors and disruption to productivity flows.”

Even though this technology is the future of industrial work, many people are surprised to learn it’s available today and often require hands-on support when trying it out. Taqtile recognised an opportunity to improve its product onboarding process via a self-service purchase system. And as a SaaS provider that runs all of its business operations through HubSpot, Taqtile needed a simple payment system that integrated easily with its existing infrastructure. The answer: Zaybra.


Zaybra is a native HubSpot application, built by hapily, that allows HubSpot customers to sync, manage, automate, and report on their Stripe payment and billing data inside their HubSpot accounts.

“HubSpot is great at the marketing side of business, while Stripe is great at managing everything on the payment side,” says Dax Miller, head of product at hapily. “By combining Stripe’s automated payment capabilities with HubSpot’s customised sequences, we close the gap between customer nurturing and financial organisation.”

By using Zaybra, Taqtile can now easily manage all customer payment data in one place. Checkout allows customers to purchase Taqtile’s product on demand, while Payments gives Taqtile the ability to securely handle transactions worldwide. With Billing, Taqtile can update, pause, cancel, and refund subscriptions, as well as generate reliable reports, directly from HubSpot.

“There is nothing else out there that does what Zaybra does,” Williams says. “Their product allows you to run your SaaS business through HubSpot as a fully integrated system. Nothing about how we were running our business had to change.”


Frictionless, integrated customer management

After identifying the capabilities that the company needed, Taqtile was up and running on Zaybra in a single hour. “All I had to do was push a couple of buttons, and it was done,” says Williams. “Zaybra has been a true partner in our technological evolution and had everything ready to go for implementation.”

All transactions are now run through Stripe via Zaybra, simplifying the purchase, payment, and billing processes for both Taqtile and its customers. And with full HubSpot integration, Williams and his team can view and manage all Stripe data without leaving the platform.

Automated sales process

Improving its financial systems with Zaybra and Stripe has allowed Taqtile to streamline its sales process, freeing up its sales teams to focus more on high-value customers.

“We offer cutting-edge technology, and many organisations who may not become long-term customers want to try it out to see what it can do for them,” Williams says. “Zaybra allows us to reach those people on a three-month trial without requiring manual labour.”

By linking Stripe and HubSpot, Zaybra also automates the follow-up process, sending out subscription reminders to turn trials into conversions.

Improved onboarding, training, and support

Previously, customers required hands-on training for using Taqtile’s product. Since shifting to a SaaS business model, the company can offer automatic payment options and provide ongoing, relevant content to support customers at every stage.

“Zaybra has helped us uplevel our training and onboarding processes, allowing our customers to be self-sufficient when using our product,” Williams says. From simple Stripe-powered purchases with Payments and Checkout, to HubSpot-enabled communication, people have the support they need throughout their customer journey.

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Zaybra, an app built by hapily, creates a direct connection between HubSpot’s world-class CRM and Stripe’s comprehensive payment solutions, allowing customers to easily sync, manage, automate, and report on Stripe data – all natively inside the HubSpot platform.

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