Growing an Ecommerce Business with Stripe is a one-of-kind online destination for discovering and exploring local boutiques around the world. helps women discover, celebrate and even reinvent their personal style with ease by allowing them to jet-set from Paris to New York and discover unique local shops. creates an original experience online by vetting and selecting boutiques and emerging designers that hand-select truly unique fashion, accessories and jewelry. gives offline local boutiques the ability to create a beautiful shopping experience online without heavy capital investment.

Inspired by a pair of shoes in Paris, New York-based launched in March 2012 and already has more than 100 boutiques across numerous cities in the United States and France.

Transparent Payments Data

For an online marketplace like, it is essential that they not only have a great payments provider but one that offers an easy to use dashboard for reviewing and analyzing payment data. After a few months in private beta testing, decided to migrate to Stripe because of the challenges experienced with its original payments service provider. With, the team had difficulties trying to easily track the data associated with each payment, making it difficult to manage customer purchases and returns. Olga Vidisheva, CEO of says, “With our previous payments platform, it was very hard to figure out what was going on with our payments. In comparison, when we visit the Stripe Dashboard, the transactions are very clear and we can easily access the data we need. I often use Stripe to triple check the tracking and reporting of our own data. It’s also very easy to process returns directly through the Stripe Dashboard when we need to.”

Affordable & Clear Pricing

When running a startup, the last thing you want is to be surprised with additional fees. Stripe’s pricing model has no hidden agenda, which makes payment processing crystal clear for companies like “With other payments services, the different rate tiers and fees make it hard to understand what you’re being charged, and impossible to project your costs in the future. Stripe’s simple pricing removes the guesswork -- and we found that Stripe’s total cost was lower than any of the alternatives especially if a significant portion of transactions are through American Express,” said Vidisheva.

Rapid Integration

Integrating Stripe was so simple and easy it allowed the team to focus on bettering the customer experience, rather than spending precious development time implementing payment processing. “Stripe saved us development time in a fast-moving market, which is truly priceless. When choosing any technology partner, you need to understand what your developer time really costs you. Integrating Stripe was so quick, which allowed us to spend more time launching features that improve the customer experience and conversion. Because we could spend time on features that made us more money, Stripe saved us thousands of dollars.”

A Partner to Build Your Business wanted to work with Stripe in every stage of its business, from a small start-up to a growing company working with boutiques and customers worldwide. Vidisheva says, “When we decided to switch payments services, we wanted to make sure that we never needed to switch again. We looked for a company that we could trust. We chose to work with Stripe because it’s a company that could adjust to our needs, listen to our feedback and grow with us. No one else came close to being so aligned with our goals.”

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