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In April 2017, Stripe launched Increment, a quarterly print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale. Its mission? To act as a dependable resource, offering stories, insights, and advice to inspire and support developers—with valuable learnings from some of the tech industry’s most effective software teams.

As a software company building economic infrastructure, creating a physical print magazine was, perhaps, a non-obvious choice. But two and a half years in, we’ve published 11 issues and over 100 stories, representing the work of many dozens of editorial contributors and illustrators. We’ve shared Nadia Eghbal’s take on future expectations for open-source, Alvaro Videla’s analogy of programming as translation, Glenn Fleishman’s exploration of COBOL’s many-decade journey, and Juan Pablo Buriticá and Katie Womersley’s guide to distributed engineering teams. We’ve talked about cloud capacity planningtesting in productionon-call best practices, and mental health. And while we had full-color copies on hand—on actual, touchable paper—at conferences and events we attended, Increment in print was not yet for sale.

Our readers have regularly asked us when we would make it easier to get print copies of Increment. Today, we’re excited to share that print subscriptions are here. (You can purchase issues from our complete back catalog, too.)

We’re thankful for the readers and community—you are the reason we publish Increment. If you have ideas for future issues or authors we should feature, please reach out—we’d love to hear from you. Happy reading.

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