Nextech turns to Stripe to power in-person payments across client networks

Nextech provides electronic records and practice management software for specialty healthcare providers. As it encouraged physicians to migrate to its cloud solution, Nextech also saw an opportunity to offer payments, underwriting, and related support services. But after a pilot program with Stripe Terminal exposed the challenges of integrating payments with clients’ highly variable network configurations, it turned to Stripe’s server-driven integration to quickly develop a reliable payments solution using Stripe APIs.

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Nextech wanted to add payments to its already robust practice management software for specialty healthcare providers. As a longtime Stripe Payments user, it naturally looked to Stripe Terminal to open up another promising revenue stream by enabling physicians to accept in-person payments. But as its pilot program got underway, Nextech quickly encountered challenges integrating with its clients’ different network configurations.

“When we sign up a practice for payments and ship them the hardware, we don’t control how and what network configurations the practices put in place,” said Craig Tieken, VP of Payments at Nextech. “We found some instances where we couldn’t figure out how to get it to work with Terminal.”

Nextech needed a flexible, integrated payments solution that would work seamlessly with client networks and its cloud platform.


With the prospect of having so many customers unable to upgrade to this new in-person payments offering, Nextech needed to quickly find a solution that was easy to deploy and highly compatible. The company decided to use Stripe’s server-driven integration mode to build an in-person payments experience using the Stripe API instead of the Android, iOS, or JavaScript SDKs.

“Eliminating the need to have the software and the terminal leveraging the same network has been a game-changer, allowing us to achieve simple, successful implementations for our client practices,” added Siddhesh Ghag, director of product management at Nextech. Using Stripe’s server-driven integration, Nextech was able to define and pilot its new payments product in two months and with a team of just eight developers. It also helped the company quickly get the new product to market, which it was counting on to reach the sales and revenue targets expected by its leadership team.


Stripe’s server-driven integration gave Nextech the power to offer in-person payments to its clients using a single-provider payments platform. Nextech also found that its new solution built on Stripe has increased the speed and reliability of payments processing, enabling it to offer physicians a cohesive payments solution and a better patient experience.

“Had server-driven integration not been an option, we would’ve had to find a different partner than Stripe and maybe implement a secondary integration,” Tieken said. “This is more reliable now based on what we’ve built, and the Stripe server-side integration provides a much more secure and sure way of processing payments.”

Removing barriers to activation is one of the key success factors to a smooth transition to Nextech Payments, and our company is making it simple to switch with the help of Stripe’s server-driven integration mode.

Siddhesh Ghag, Director of Product Management

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