Sync your Stripe account with your data warehouse

Stripe Data Pipeline sends all your up-to-date Stripe data and reports to Snowflake or Amazon Redshift in a few clicks. Centralise your Stripe data with other business data to close your books faster and unlock richer business insights.

Churn has decreased in comparison to last year
Top 5 accounts with the highest fraud rates

Automate data delivery at scale

Set up Stripe Data Pipeline in minutes and automatically receive your Stripe data and reports in your data warehouse on an ongoing basis – no code required.

Do more with your data

Create a single source of truth to speed up your financial close and access better insights. Identify your best performing payment methods, analyse fraud by location, and more.

Minimise security risks

Send your Stripe data directly to your data warehouse without involving a third-party extract, transform and load (ETL) pipeline.

Avoid data outages and delays

Offload ongoing maintenance with a pipeline that’s built into Stripe. No matter how much data you have, your data is always complete and accurate.

How it works

Set up your pipeline in minutes – no data engineering required


Select your data warehouse

Pick the data warehouse you would like to connect to Stripe.


Connect your account

Provide the account information associated with your data warehouse. Stripe shares your data using industry-leading security practices.


You’re ready

Once your historical data has loaded, new data will be regularly refreshed. Start querying your Stripe data and reports in your own data warehouse.

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For data engineering

Save the time and resources required to build and maintain an API integration

Before switching to Data Pipeline, Stripe users spent multiple months and as much as $800,000 building their own API integrations to export their Stripe data. They also needed to consistently monitor and update their home-grown solutions to support transaction updates, new datasets, schema changes, and other challenges as their data volumes grew.

Import your Stripe data via API integration
Build pipeline
Structure data
Encrypt data
Acceptance testing
Maintain and monitor pipeline

Stripe Data Pipeline takes on all this operational work, so you can focus on empowering your business teams with actionable insights.

Import your Stripe data via Data Pipeline
1st JAN
Activate Data Pipeline

For business teams

Get answers faster with centralised data

With Stripe data easily accessible in your data warehouse, you can pull the insights you need without having to adopt a new business analytics tool. You can write custom queries from scratch or use Stripe’s out-of-the-box reports.

  • Close your books faster
  • Identify revenue growth opportunities
  • Improve fraud and risk modelling
  • Optimise sales and marketing campaigns

ChowNow uncovers new growth opportunities and payment insights

ChowNow is a commission-free online food ordering platform that helps over 20,000 independent restaurants sustainably grow their delivery and takeaway businesses.


ChowNow wanted to better understand profitability, margin, and unit economics at both the customer and transaction levels without having to build an API integration or share its data with an ETL pipeline.


With Stripe Data Pipeline, ChowNow has a complete picture of its restaurant and diner customers – all in one place. It can easily identify who and how much it’s charging for subscriptions and food orders.

It can also provide new insights to its restaurants and improve its fraud detection by looking at fraud signals, such as chargebacks, by restaurant.

By breaking down net margin per restaurant, ChowNow could optimise pricing of its commission-free product and improve restaurant retention.

We can immediately query Stripe data with other business data and confidently pull valuable customer and revenue insights to make the best decisions for our product and users – without needing any engineering support.

Tim Reilly, Director, GTM Analytics and Data Science, ChowNow
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Lime improves accuracy and speed of financial reconciliation

Lime, a global leader in micromobility, offers on-demand electric scooters and bikes to city dwellers in more than 100 countries.


Lime used a third-party ETL pipeline to export Stripe data to its data warehouse and noticed that the exported data wasn’t always matching up with the data in Stripe. A data engineer would have to dive into the cause of each discrepancy, costing up to two hours of their time for each inconsistent transaction.


By adopting Stripe Data Pipeline, Lime saved weeks of engineering time because it did not have to build and maintain an API for every single Stripe data set. Out of the box, Lime was able to access its current Stripe data directly in its data warehouse. Lime’s finance team can now track refunds in near-real time, allowing them to confidently report on the company’s latest cash status. Lime’s fraud team is also benefiting from improved fraud models.

The data quality and data freshness of Stripe Data Pipeline are a departure from third-party ETL pipeline vendors. Data imported through Stripe Data Pipeline always matches our reports exactly.

Saket Rai, Senior Director, Head of Data, Lime
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What’s included

Data Pipeline at a glance

Data warehouses

Connect with leading data warehouses.

  • Snowflake
  • Amazon Redshift

If you are not using Snowflake or Amazon Redshift, you can create custom reports in the Stripe Dashboard with Sigma.

Out-of-the-box reports

Pull reports that help you reconcile your account activity.

  • Fees associated with transactions

    These reports are already available in Snowflake and will soon be added to Amazon Redshift.

  • Stripe balance changes

    These reports are already available in Snowflake and will soon be added to Amazon Redshift.

  • Transactions included in payouts to bank account

    These reports are already available in Snowflake and will soon be added to Amazon Redshift.

Data sets

Access the most complete Stripe dataset in your own data warehouse.

  • Core API data
  • Interchange Plus data
  • Radar data
  • Connect data


Simple, transparent pricing

Access your Stripe data in your data warehouse

There will be no additional charge from your data warehouse to ingest Stripe data.


per transaction

Charged when a user or connected account processes a transaction or submits an authorisation or payment request. All your Stripe data is automatically included.

Ready to get started?

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