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Unlock creator monetisation on your platform

Stripe helps you quickly onboard and pay out creators globally. Companies like X, Substack, and Clubhouse partner with Stripe to build custom solutions for creators to earn money on their platforms.

Build for the creator economy

Give creators new ways to earn money on your platform

Stripe’s products make it easy for creators to earn more revenue on your platform with minimal engineering, legal, and compliance investment. Help creators build stronger relationships with their fans by allowing them to accept payments from around the world in exchange for sharing their content and craft. You can also help creators manage their cash flow by issuing credit cards and digital wallets.

Ticket sales

From online conversations to concerts, creators are always looking for opportunities to interact with their fans. With ticket sales, fans can connect with creators and pay them for their time and energy.

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Tips from fans

Drive increased creator-to-fan engagement by unlocking tipping for content on your platform. Show your support for creators by tipping them for the content they create.

Tips from fans

Content and membership subscriptions

Allow creators to build recurring revenue streams with their fans through memberships and subscriptions. Creators can sell written content, podcasts, online courses, and more.

Content and membership subscriptions

Financial services

Use our Banking-as-a-Service APIs – Treasury and Issuing – to offer money-management accounts and issue cards with custom rewards to the creators on your platform.

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Exploring the creator economy

Hear from founders and creators across platforms including Substack, Gumroad, and Buy Me a Coffee on the growth of the creator economy. Learn about its potential to offer new ways for creators to earn a living while doing what they love.

Getting started

The easiest way to onboard and pay out creators around the world

Sign up new creators and get them paid quickly. Take advantage of pre-built UIs to launch faster and maximise conversion. And with Stripe Connect’s global routing and payouts engine, you can customise your preferred payout schedule to creators and specify your fees on each transaction.


Instantly onboard creators worldwide

Quickly onboard creators so they can start accepting payments and payouts after answering just a few questions. Stripe Connect offers localised onboarding flows and handles payments KYC for your platform's connected accounts to help save your compliance team time.


Create flexible payout schedules

Design a payout schedule that works best for creators. Provide the option to receive payouts on a rolling basis and even offer instant payouts. Stripe supports 135+ currencies to facilitate cross-border funds to creators without additional overhead.


Give creators a dashboard to manage payments

Stripe Express offers a pre-built dashboard to help creators track payments in real time. Creators gain greater visibility into their platform earnings and a more complete understanding of their cash flow.

Differentiate your platform

A complete solution for the creator economy

Stripe offers additional integration options to build the right solution for your creators. Get started with Connect and add features for recurring subscriptions, faster checkout, and more.

Recurring payments

Send bills on a one-off or recurring basis, manage subscriptions, and reduce payment declines with Stripe’s recovery tools.

Pre-built payment form

Let customers breeze through checkout by making it easy for them to input and reuse their payment information.

Embedded finance

Issue virtual and physical cards so creators have instant and secure access to funds and can better manage spend – online, in-app, or in-store.

Manage your platform

Centralise your creator platform operations

Stripe can replace multiple systems typically used to manage payments and payouts, handle refunds, and auto-generate tax forms. Manage your creator platform from an integrated hub to analyse trends, keep track of creator accounts, and more – all in one place.

Manage creator accounts

Use the Stripe Dashboard to create, manage, and update creator accounts. View full life cycles of creator accounts, including history, verification, and transfers.

Simplify tax reporting

Auto-generate 1099 forms (including 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, and 1099-K) with your platform’s branding. Get help verifying tax IDs to stay compliant and avoid fines.

Handle refunds and disputes

Easily handle refunds and disputes via the Stripe Dashboard or API. Responding quickly to customers and reliably submitting evidence can help you keep losses to a minimum.

Track your earnings

Get visibility into your platform’s revenue from a central dashboard. Choose when to transfer funds to your bank account and update your payment information.


Case studies

X partners with Stripe to help creators earn additional income

X is a leading social platform that brings people together to have conversations about what’s happening around the world. Its goal is to help creators to earn money from the content they create online.


X wanted to offer new ways for creators to earn money on their platform, but needed a fast and compliant way to process and split payments, and pay out globally.


With Stripe Connect, X was able to shift payments compliance requirements to Stripe while focusing on building new creator monetisation products on its platform. Stripe’s flexible APIs helped X launch Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, where creators can earn money by creating an extra level of conversation for their closest followers, and use Stripe to access their funds and manage their earnings – all in one place.


Stripe’s APIs give us the flexibility to design new monetisation products that help creators earn money on X, doing what they love most. By building across Connect and Stripe’s payments infrastructure, we’ve been able to introduce more ways for creators to interact with their most engaged followers on X and create more conversations while earning money.

Esther Crawford, Product Lead for Creator Monetization at X

Teachable helps creators earn over $1 billion with Stripe

Teachable empowers over 100,000 creators, coaches, and businesses to produce online courses to share their knowledge. With Stripe, Teachable creators have earned more than $1 billion to date.


Teachable makes it easy to create and sell online courses and coaching services. As creators around the world built bigger businesses on the platform and wanted more payment functionality and control, Teachable needed a flexible payments solution that would not only improve creator experiences but also drive revenue growth.


With Stripe Connect, they launched Teachable Payments in three months with only three engineers, allowing creators to accept payments from students around the world, set custom payout schedules, and streamline administrative tasks. With Stripe, Teachable has increased payments revenue growth by 140%, reduced fraud rates, and simplified global compliance.


As we expand globally, cross-border opportunities outside the US make up 50% of our business. Stripe makes it easy for our creators to sell courses to students around the world. With Teachable Payments, creators can accept payment in more than 130 currencies and multiple payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Marissa Fong, Head of Product, Money
Read the full Teachable story 

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