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Why Stripe Sigma

Instant answers powered by SQL

We built Stripe Sigma to help businesses quickly analyse their Stripe data and to enable teams to get faster business insights.

Analyse data in Stripe

Use predefined SQL queries or write new custom queries right inside the Stripe Dashboard – no data engineering required.

Know your business

With structured access to your data, you can easily identify which customers are least likely to churn, which geographies contribute the most revenue, and more.

Schedule reports

Get answers to all your Stripe-related questions when you need them. Reports can be scheduled and automatically generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Collaborate with ease

Move faster by saving frequently-run queries. Share queries with other teams directly in Sigma or download them as CSV reports.

Use cases

How teams use Stripe Sigma

What percentage of disputes did we contest?

What was our charge volume in February?

Which customers have not paid their invoices?

Which charges reconcile with our latest bank payout?

How much does cash flow change from month to month?

What is our company's daily balance?

How many active customers do we have?

Why do customers dispute payments?

What are our most popular subscription plans?

How many payments are made with each payment card brand?

How much revenue comes from different customer channels?

Business teams use Stripe Sigma to run their company more efficiently

Finance teams use Stripe Sigma to close the books faster.

Data teams use Stripe Sigma to analyse everything from ARPU to churn.

Product management uses Stripe Sigma to find new business opportunities.

Business Operations

What percentage of disputes did we contest?

Business Operations

What was our charge volume in February?

Business Operations

Which customers have not paid their invoices?


Which charges reconcile with our latest bank payout?


How much does cash flow change from month to month?


What is our company's daily balance?

Data Analysis

How many active customers do we have?

Data Analysis

Why do customers dispute payments?

Product Management

What are our most popular subscription plans?

Product Management

How many payments are made with each payment card brand?

Product Management

How much revenue comes from different customer channels?

Prebuilt templates

Optimised for fast answers

We’ve already written the queries for the most useful reports for different types of businesses. From computing ARPU to analysing the payment methods your customers prefer, you can jump in quickly by editing one of our pre-built templates or start from scratch to fully customise your report. We’ve also added syntax highlighting, descriptive errors, and auto-completion for data tables and columns – it’s like a built-in IDE for writing queries.

Easy-to-use schema

Stripe data, at the ready

Quick sidebar access to a full map of the structure of your data stored in Stripe (including any additional metadata you send us) makes it easy to combine all the relevant data needed from across Stripe’s products – payments, payouts, customers, subscriptions, refunds, and more.

Payment Tables
id Varchar
amount Bigint
available_on Timestamp
created Timestamp
currency Varchar
description Varchar
fee Bigint
net Bigint
status Varchar
type Varchar
source_id Varchar
automatic_transfer_id Varchar

Preview the full schema

Designed for collaboration

Save and share queries with your team

Save frequently-used queries to run them again at any time or share a link to a useful query so that any of your team-mates can use it too.

How many customers do we have in France?

What was our charge volume last month?

Can you remind me how we calculate monthly recurring revenue?


Estimate your cost

Have all your Stripe data at your fingertips and pull custom Stripe reports with SQL. Sigma is charged when a user or connected account processes a transaction or submits an authorization or payment request.


Charges per month


Estimated monthly cost

Contact Sales 
  • 0-500


  • 501-1,000


  • 1,001-5,000


  • 5,001-50,000


  • 50,001+

infrastructure fee

Custom pricing is available for companies with large payments volume, high value transactions, or unique business models. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Streamlined account management and faster data analysis for your enterprise

With Stripe Organisations, centrally manage all lines of business or subsidiaries across multiple Stripe accounts in the Dashboard, and access new business insights by using Sigma to analyse data across all your accounts.

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Analyse and create custom reports using your Stripe data.

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Details on how to build custom Stripe reports.

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