Neuron Mobility teams up with Stripe professional services to reduce market entry and expansion costs

Founded in Singapore in 2016, Neuron Mobility became the leading e-scooter rental and micromobility technology developer in Australia and New Zealand, later growing to the United Kingdom and Canada. Neuron became an industry leader in safety, community, and sustainable operations by designing its own e-scooters and partnering directly with cities and councils.

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Neuron Mobility was expanding into cities that prioritised the movement of people over cars, working closely with councils and community and safety advisory groups to tailor its offering for each city. This approach required careful management of launch costs. However, Neuron operated in markets such as Australia, where interchange fees were regulated and debit cards were common, so off-the-shelf payment cost-optimisation strategies yielded diminishing returns. For a substantial impact, Neuron needed creative solutions.


Stripe professional services partnered with Neuron Mobility for an eight-week cost-optimisation advisory engagement to identify high-impact opportunities to lower Neuron’s interchange fees.

Identifying revenue opportunities with Stripe’s improved network cost insights report

Rather than starting with analysing the individual transactions, the Stripe professional services team experienced Neuron’s payment flow first-hand, including signing up for and riding Neuron scooters in Australia. Then the team used Stripe’s fee reporting – including detailed network-cost reporting – to assess added transaction fees. These activities gave the team a full view of the payment flow and related costs, from both the customer and Neuron experience.

The professional services team combined this comprehensive data with market information to build customer journeys for each of Neuron’s local markets. Detailed local customer journeys gave the Stripe team a clearer picture of Neuron customers, enabling them to define customer lifetime value more easily.

Using the local customer journeys and Stripe’s tools for reporting on fees and network cost plus, the Stripe team segmented Neuron’s customers and identified opportunities to improve both customer experience and efficiency. By creating happier customers, Neuron could reduce customer churn while improving profit margins.

Creating a revenue model to increase profit margins

The Stripe professional services team created a plan outlining high-impact opportunities to increase Neuron’s profitability, including reducing interchange fees. The plan included models that considered Neuron’s users, business goals, and pricing nuances in each market. This document was the source of truth for the remainder of the engagement, while the team built and refined a new payment business model for Neuron.


Neuron gained valuable insight into network costs, improving its overall financial reporting and payment flow analysis. As a result, Neuron Mobility launched more convenient and flexible payment choices, including new pass options based on customer preferences. These improvements helped Neuron increase profits and achieve positive return on investment (ROI) within eight weeks of completing the engagement.

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