Automate 1099 tax reporting and filing

With Stripe Connect, platforms and marketplaces can easily create, file, and deliver 1099 tax forms for sellers, freelancers, or service providers.

Simplify the tax process

Auto-generate 1099s and avoid hours of manual work. Stripe handles e-filing with the IRS and delivering copies to your sellers or service providers.

One source of truth

Identity and payments data are directly sourced from your Stripe account, giving you a unified view of whom and how much you paid.

Stay compliant to avoid fines

Get help verifying tax IDs to stay compliant, avoid fines, and eliminate extra paperwork. Stripe helps platforms and marketplaces accurately file millions of 1099s each year.

Protect your users’ information

Minimize risk by limiting data sharing with third-parties. Stripe's security tools and practices ensure that your users' sensitive information is safely collected and stored.

How it works

Easily create, file, and deliver 1099 forms at scale

If you’re running a platform or marketplace, you may be required to issue 1099 tax forms1 to your sellers or service providers. Create, manage, file, and deliver 1099s directly from the Stripe Dashboard.


Generate 1099s within seconds2, using data that’s already been collected in your Stripe account.


Review and modify information about your users or their payouts.


Once you’re ready, Stripe will electronically file your tax forms with the IRS.


Let Stripe mail paper forms to your users, or you can download digital copies to send to your users directly.

What’s included

Let Stripe help you with tax operations and compliance.
  • Support for 1099-NEC, 1099-K, or 1099-MISC forms
  • Tax ID (TIN) verification with IRS database
  • 1099 form editing via Dashboard or CSV
  • Electronic filing with the IRS
  • 1099 form delivery via physical mail
  • Bulk download of 1099s so you can send digital copies directly to your users3
  • Role-based access control and two-step authentication (2FA)


Tax reporting knowledge center

Learn more about tax requirements for platforms and marketplaces and how to issue 1099s with Stripe.

1099 tax form guide

Get the latest insights on tax reporting requirements and deadlines, what type of form you may need to file and deliver, and how to stay compliant and avoid penalties.


$2.99 per 1099 e-filed and $2.99 per 1099 mailed for Express and Custom accounts. No fee for Standard accounts.

Not a platform or marketplace?

Read more about receiving a 1099-K if you use Stripe to accept payments.