SplitIt scales global growth with Stripe

When e-commerce companies want to increase conversions, they turn to SplitIt’s instalment payment solution. To onboard these e-commerce companies without the hassle, improve the customer experience, and drive their top-line growth, SplitIt leverages Stripe as its payment platform.

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When you’re processing hundreds of billions of dollars every year, clunky, manual processes take their toll. Before working with Stripe, SplitIt’s team spent its hours manually onboarding merchants and moving money across different currencies, which limited the company’s ability to scale.


SplitIt leveraged Stripe Connect to start onboarding merchants quickly.


Partnering with Stripe simplified complex approval and financial processes across almost 30 markets. Now, e-commerce customers can onboard to SplitIt in minutes (instead of weeks) through Stripe’s automated approval process. With the ease of customer onboarding, multi-currency support, and intelligent reporting capabilities, SplitIt continues to raise the standard of the customer experience far above the competition. “A large majority of our customers are using Stripe already,” says Splitit CEO Brad Paterson. “They’re excited to continue processing through Stripe but in a much more seamless way.”

Beyond the customer experience, Stripe also radically improved SplitIt’s internal workflows for millions of financial transactions. With the partnership firmly in place, the company has automated all funded transactions in the global market. The team can now focus on scaling its revenue globally and providing its best customer experience along the way.

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