The easiest way to verify identities

Stripe Identity lets you programmatically confirm the identity of global users so you can prevent attacks from fraudsters while minimising friction for legitimate customers. Your first 50 verifications are free.

Increase trust & safety

Reduce the number of scammers and bad actors to increase the credibility of your marketplace or community.

Reduce fraud losses

Help your risk teams securely collect identity information to determine if a user is legitimate or fraudulent.

Streamline KYC

Make it easy for users to prove their identity at onboarding while fulfilling a crucial part of your compliance requirements.

Prevent account takeovers

Add a layer of security before allowing high-risk features or if you notice suspicious activities in an account.

How it works

Confirm identities with confidence

Stripe Identity is built on top of technology that Stripe uses to verify millions of global users. It's a part of our own global Know Your Customer (KYC) process, risk operations, and more.

Verify global users

Fragmented government ID standards make it challenging to verify identities for global users. With Stripe Identity, you can confidently verify the authenticity of ID documents from over 100 countries.

  • Capture IDs with a conversion-optimised verification flow
  • Retrieve extracted data from documents
  • Access collected images of ID documents and selfies

Maximise conversion

Poor image capture is the most common reason legitimate users are mistakenly rejected. Stripe Identity guides users through photo-taking and automatically scores each frame to select the most readable image, maximising success rates.

Move your ID document into this area
Capture in progress…

Detect fraudulent users

Stripe Identity is built on the same technology we use to defend against attacks on our own global network. We’ve optimised our fraud prevention system with learnings from over a decade of experience fending off sophisticated fraudsters, and we are constantly updating our models to prevent the latest attack vectors.

  • Detect fake IDs and spoofed photos with machine learning
  • Match the ID photo with selfies of the document holder
  • Validate SSN and addresses against global databases

Fully integrated

Built on the Stripe network

By centralising ID verification with core business operations such as payments, subscriptions and payouts, your engineering team can save time on integration, and your operational team can spend less time hopping between systems.

Fight fraud with multi-layered verifications

Once Stripe Identity confirms a user’s identity, Financial Connections can verify the user owns a linked bank account to reduce the risk of account takeovers.

Customise verifications on your platform

Embed ID verification using our pre-built libraries and SDKs. Platforms and marketplaces can configure Connect Onboarding to collect additional verifications based on their own risk signals.

Keep user data safe

Security and privacy at the core

Stripe Identity is based on expertise we’ve developed from building a global infrastructure that handles hundreds of billions of dollars in payments annually. Our systems are designed to collect consent and with privacy top of mind.

Isolate sensitive data

Stripe reduces compliance burdens by storing verification data on behalf of your business so it never touches your systems.

  • Programmatically delete user data
  • Limit sensitive data access with restricted API keys
  • Access pre-built privacy FAQ templates

Provide transparency for users

Stripe gives users control over who their data is shared with and provides answers to common questions on how their data is protected.

  • Users explicitly give consent before sharing data
  • Users can easily manage, retrieve and delete data
  • Users have access to clear and transparent FAQs

What’s included

Manage verifications end-to-end

User experience

  • Pre-built user interface
  • Customisable colours and brand settings
  • Localised in 53 languages
  • Mobile and web capture

Verification methods

  • Verify government IDs from over 100 countries
  • Biometric photo ID-matching with selfie
  • Validate name, date of birth, and local ID number

Fraud prevention

  • Enforce live capture
  • Machine learning and manual review process
  • Cross-reference keyed-in ID number with document data
  • Restrict accepted ID types

Security & privacy

  • PII data encrypted with AES-256 at rest
  • Programmatically delete and redact user data
  • Explicit user consent flow
  • Data minimisation


Simple, transparent pricing

ID document verification and selfie

Capture and verify the authenticity of identity documents from around the world, and use biometric verification to match ID photos with selfies of the document holder.


per successful verification

Charged when a user completes verification. Learn more

ID number lookup

Allow users to key-in name, date of birth, and local government ID number. Validate against government and third-party databases. Currently only available for US social security numbers.


per lookup

Charged when a user completes verification. Learn more

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