Authorised Payment Services

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Last updated: April 5, 2019

These terms create an agreement between you and Stripe Technology Europe, Limited which has its principal place of business at The One Building, 1, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2, Ireland ("STEL"). Capitalised terms used in this agreement but not defined have the meanings given in the Services Agreement.

STEL is authorised as an electronic money institution by the Central Bank of Ireland (reference number: C187865) to issue electronic money, execute payment transactions, make money remittances, issue payment instruments and acquire payment transactions, and provide payment initiation services and account information services (the "Authorised Payment Services"). You authorise STEL to perform the Authorised Payment Services in connection with your use of the Services and in connection with the payment methods and services provided to you by other Financial Services Providers.

These terms apply as between you and STEL with respect to the services that STEL provides to you in its role as a Financial Services Provider under the Services Agreement. These terms incorporate, by reference, the terms of the Agreement, except that in each case "Stripe" will be deemed to be a reference to STEL, and the application of the incorporated terms will be limited to STEL's provision of the Authorised Payment Services.

Please note that all other parts of the Services will remain governed by the Agreement between you and Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd.

You can contact STEL by using the Contact us section of our website or sending mail to Stripe Technology Europe, The One Building, 1, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.