Eventgroove helps customers run climate-friendly events and fundraisers with Stripe

Eventgroove helps organisations run successful events and fundraisers, with less cost and hassle. The company partnered with Stripe a decade ago to support its international expansion and power its three services: online event management and ticketing, e-commerce, and fundraising. Eventgroove holds a strong commitment to the planet and has donated 42% of its net profits to conservation organisations since 2007. Now, Eventgroove is using Stripe Climate to empower its customers – and their customers – to contribute even more as it continues to ramp up its global conservation efforts.

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Eventgroove has been helping its more than 76,000 non-profit, sports, entertainment, education, faith, and other customers across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia run better events and fundraisers for more than 20 years with its all-in-one software platform. Eventgroove was also one of Stripe’s early customers, using Stripe Connect to integrate payments into its software platform for a scalable, global, end-to-end payment experience that catalysed the company’s international expansion.

“We use Stripe as our payments platform for customers to set up their own storefronts, run online ticketing and event management, and for fundraising,” explained Lance Trebesch, CEO at Eventgroove. “We chose Stripe over 10 years ago because we were expanding globally and needed one payment processor.”

Being located in Bozeman, Montana – nature’s playground – gave Eventgroove extra incentive to ensure the company’s success helped offset any potential impact to the planet. It purchases renewable energy, offsets its carbon emissions, and continually works to improve its sustainability, recycling, and energy-efficiency efforts. Nevertheless, Eventgroove wanted to do more in support of its commitment to the planet.


Since Eventgroove was already working with Stripe to manage payments across its platform, Eventgroove was eager to implement Stripe Climate to further Eventgroove's impact on the environment.

“Stripe is incredibly developer focused with its extensive APIs, thorough documentation, and just the sheer efficiency and productivity of the platform – adding Stripe was a no-brainer,” said Trebesch. “Stripe Climate helps us further consolidate our work with the conservation non-profit world. These are organisations who are literally doing everything they can to improve the planet.”

In a first for Stripe Climate, Eventgroove now gives its customers the option to request donations to support Stripe Climate’s carbon-removal efforts. It’s a novel way for Eventgroove’s customers to mitigate the carbon footprint of events and operations.


Today, in addition to running on 100% clean wind energy, having carbon-neutral shipments, enforcing strict recycling and paper waste policies, and running many other sustainability initiatives, Eventgroove is using Stripe Climate to expand the company’s impact on climate change. Just as Stripe Connect provided an easy path to streamline and standardise its global payments experience, Stripe Climate provides another easy-to-deploy solution aligned with its business and sustainability missions.

“Stripe brings payments safety and security and a plethora of new products, like Stripe Tax, Stripe Financing, and now, Stripe Climate,” added Trebesch. “We've always had a conservation focus and worked with major conservation organisations, and Stripe Climate really does fit into our unwavering commitment to protecting the environment.”

Since 2007, Eventgroove has given 42% of its profits to conservation organisation, including contributing 20% of net revenues back to its non-profit conservation customers. Stripe Climate adds yet another way Eventgroove can reinforce its commitment to the planet and encourage its 500,000 plus customers, and their customers, to help.

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