KeyMe disrupts the locksmith industry with Stripe

KeyMe provides locksmith services and copies of keys for homes, offices and autos, plus RFID access cards, from kiosks at thousands of retail locations in the US. The NYC-based startup uses 3D imaging and predictive algorithms to create a perfect copy of your key. Customers can scan and store their keys on the KeyMe platform and retrieve them to create new keys in minutes.

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Unlocking great payment experiences for KeyMe customers

Whether you’re in an emergency and need back-up keys immediately, or if you’re looking to order back-up set for loved ones when you’re out of town, it’s unlikely you’ll be willing to tolerate a clunky checkout experience. That’s why KeyMe works with Stripe to optimise its checkout flow to sell to a wide variety of customers in all kinds of situations. KeyMe Chief Technology Officer Mark O’Neill explains: “The payment experience for the customer is super important for us. We’re trying to make the journey as easy as possible for our customers to quickly get what they want, and we want to make payments as simple as possible.”

Catering to super users with Stripe

KeyMe’s customers also include super users like Airbnb hosts, dog walkers and contractors who manage a large number of keys for various buildings and lock-boxes. With Stripe, it’s easy for these important customers to save their card details and re-order keys without having to go through the full checkout flow again. Stripe also works with the card networks and automatically updates the saved card details whenever a customer receives a new card, so that KeyMe’s customers can enjoy using the service without interruption.

A developer friendly experience for a lean startup

Stripe’s APIs and documentation was one of the reasons KeyMe chose Stripe and the integration was a breeze, Mark explains: “We haven’t had to do a lot of fancy footwork from a development standpoint.” By off-loading payments complexity to Stripe, KeyMe has kept the number of engineers focused on payments at zero. And in the Dashboard today, operations and finance teams across KeyMe have access to all the data they need to understand the health of their business, keep on top of fraud and grow the business. Mark says: “Stripe has been able to meet our needs and also provide us the data that we need to see how our business is doing in real time. That’s been really positive for us. Partnering with Stripe makes it really easy for us to grow.”

With Stripe’s help, KeyMe can focus on growing its customer base with minimal resources dedicated to managing payments or fraud. The company has doubled its footprint every year for the last two years and is on track to double again next year.

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