EasyParcel chooses Stripe for seamless integration and lower abandon rates

EasyParcel aggregates delivery services for small and medium-sized businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Through EasyParcel, SMBs have access to dozens of courier options and can select a delivery method based on location, price and other criteria.

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EasyParcel runs on a “top-up” business model, making payments a crucial component. Businesses purchase credits from EasyParcel, giving customers their choice of preferred delivery service. EasyParcel was experiencing problems with other payment providers, including high transaction fees and redirects that caused businesses to increasingly abandon the checkout process. EasyParcel initially turned to Stripe as an additional option for payments.


EasyParcel’s plan was to utilise Stripe as a backup service provider. However, after seeing improved conversion rates, improved uptime and responsive customer service, Stripe became its default payment provider in a matter of weeks. Stripe serves EasyParcel with a seamless payment process integrated directly into its own software, without redirecting to a secondary payment gateway. “It's the most stable payment provider we’ve experienced,” Chief Operating Officer Clement Chau said.


After switching to Stripe, EasyParcel has seen a 20% decrease in checkout drop-off rates, meaning more orders and revenue. They’ve also experienced minimal downtime for maintenance with Stripe – a particular concern during periods of peak demand such as Ramadan or 11/11.

Reducing checkout layers

EasyParcel customers are typically evenly divided between using Financial Process Exchange (FPX) and a credit card for payment. Previously, EasyParcel’s checkout process contained extra prompts to select one of the two options. Because Stripe supports both, checkout is now an uninterrupted user experience, removing the need for bank selection and multiple redirects.

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