Oddle uses Tap to Pay on Android and SUNMI to provide diners a simple payment experience

Oddle powers the food and beverage industry in Asia by making it easier for restaurants to serve customers and facilitate transactions.

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Oddle helps restaurants manage and grow their business through an all-in-one online and in-person ordering system that allows restaurants to deliver easy-to-use experiences to their customers. The omnichannel platform partners with SUNMI for Android payments hardware and Stripe for payments processing. Oddle was already using SUNMI devices to receive orders, print customer receipts, and provide fast barcode and NFC scanning. Now, with Tap to Pay on Android, Oddle and Stripe-compatible SUNMI devices are giving restaurants the ability to simplify the point-of-purchase experience, making it easier to serve diners at the table.


After the pandemic, as Oddle transitioned from a mostly online business to an increasingly larger in-person footprint, it was important to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. SUNMI was a natural choice to partner with. “If you run a restaurant, you definitely have used a SUNMI device – that's the expected experience people want nowadays,” said Alwyn Cheong, principal product manager at Oddle. “With some of the older devices that had been around for many years, the software was very old. Our customers preferred the more modern interface that we built for them.”

Previously, restaurants took orders and payments and issued receipts using multiple devices, but that could create unnecessary friction, since having different sets of hardware sometimes led to connectivity issues. Restaurants also had to spend time and money to train staff so that they knew how to pair the devices.


To reduce the number of devices that staff had to carry, Oddle decided to enable Tap to Pay on Android via the Stripe Terminal SDK. With Tap to Pay on Android, businesses can accept in-person contactless payments on a compatible Android device using Stripe Terminal, without any additional hardware needed.

“We are used to paying contactlessly in Singapore,” said Cheong. “Moving to Tap to Pay and a single device was a much more intuitive experience for both restaurants and customers.”

SUNMI has a range of Android devices that are compatible with Stripe's hardware requirements for Tap to Pay on Android. Its devices meet user requests, such as receipt printing, barcode scanning, and front-facing NFC scanning centres, which makes it easy for customers to tap their card for payment. “Because we have NFC built in, all of our products can use Stripe, from kiosks to handheld devices,” said Nick Nicoli, SUNMI’s West Coast head of sales. “We have a product that no one can match.”

Staff no longer have to juggle multiple devices, and instead can use one device for ordering, payment and receipts. “Tap to Pay helps enhance the customer experience and improves operational efficiency. When customers ask for the bill, they can actually bring the entire terminal over, making it a lot faster,” said Cheong. “With Tap to Pay, it's a lot easier to acquire such businesses now.”

Oddle found the integration extremely easy. “Stripe builds products for developers,” says Cheong. “My engineer quoted me a week, but by the end of the first day, he had integrated it and already sent me a video that showed me how it works. We did a week of testing and were good to go.”


More and more companies are realising the benefits of Tap to Pay. SUNMI has already sold millions of Android devices in Europe, and has recently entered the US market and experienced exponential growth in the first year. “I think Tap to Pay is going to change payments. It's a disruptor. You get more players in the market, and they're not spending all this cash with processors on certifications,” said Nicoli.

Faster onboarding

With instant deployment, Tap to Pay is improving Oddle’s onboarding process for new businesses, helping them go live and start processing transactions faster. Oddle has more than 200 restaurants using Terminal in Singapore alone, and plans to expand to Malaysia soon. Previously, Oddle had to configure the SUNMI devices along with the Bluetooth device and then download firmware. Some restaurants needed help whenever they ran into issues connecting. Now Oddle receives fewer requests for support.

Unified view

Oddle believes restaurants should own their customer data, since they already own the distribution channel. They know their customers and their preferences, because they already sell and deliver to them. “Tap to Pay and Stripe gives us the ability to identify who that customer is,” said Cheong. “We are able to match the customer if they transacted online and offline, so restaurants can actually use this data to segment and understand who their best customers are and market directly to them in the future.”

Seamless experiences

Moving forward, Oddle hopes to help restaurants reduce overhead and improve the customer experience while finding new ways to innovate. “How do we create a more enjoyable experience for customers? How do we make it more seamless and more self-sufficient? That's where we think the restaurant industry is heading,” said Cheong. With Tap to Pay and Terminal’s ability to scale to a customer’s needs, Oddle has a strong head start.

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