Fundraise Up verdoppelt das Online-Spendenaufkommen für Nonprofits mit Zahlungsmethoden bei Stripe

Fundraise Up entschied sich für eine Partnerschaft mit Stripe – weil die Integration in seine eigene Plattform einfach möglich war und dadurch leistungsstarke Zahlungsoptimierungstools und beliebte Zahlungsmethoden die Spendenabwicklung für Spender/innen bereichern konnten.

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Friction in the online donation experience is a common reason donors are prevented from giving. Fundraise Up launched in 2018 to address this problem by helping nonprofits around the world leverage the same type of technology used by the ecommerce industry to increase sales. Fundraise Up needed a payments partner that could support a platform model at scale, offer built-in payments optimization software, and support the payment methods that would increase conversion.


Fundraise Up chose to partner with Stripe because it easily integrated with its platform to bring powerful payments optimization tools and popular payment methods to the donor checkout experience. With Stripe, Fundraise Up could rapidly add new features and payment methods using a single, consistent API, while maintaining a clean customer account management process with a centralized dashboard.

In addition to using its own antifraud technology, Fundraise Up integrated Stripe Radar to give customers strong, adaptable payment protection. Payment options that donors preferred—such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH debit, BECS Direct Debit, and pre-authorized debits in Canada—were not only easy for Fundraise Up to add to its integration, but also simple for nonprofits to enable without any onboarding or development work.


Stripe’s suite of payment optimization tools and payment methods ensured that Fundraise Up could take a best-practices approach to building its platform. With Stripe as the payment processing core across payment methods, Fundraise Up is able to deliver 2X online donation revenue and handle hundreds of transactions per second during key fundraising events such as Giving Tuesday. Having real-time authorization also allows Fundraise Up to generate 3X more recurring monthly donors, which is critical for allowing nonprofits to plan for the future.

The combination of Stripe Radar and Fundraise Up’s antifraud tools decreased disputed charges by 70% for nonprofits while minimizing checkout friction. Popular digital wallets and direct debits paired with Fundraise Up and Stripe technologies decrease recurring donation payment failure and disputes.

Nonprofits are wildly under-resourced and underserved by tech companies, depriving them of the new technologies they desperately need to fulfill their missions. With Stripe’s leading payment technologies, fraud, protection, and payment methods coverage, we’re able to help our nonprofits do more. Donors are treated to a beautiful experience that has far-reaching value.

Salvatore Salpietro, Chief Experience Officer

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