Wonderbly chooses Stripe Checkout to maximise efficiency and conversion

Wonderbly inspires curiosity, kindness and a love of reading through its highly personalised children’s books. With over six million copies sold, its beautifully illustrated titles feature a child’s own name and likeness and help improve language and literacy skills.

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As a small company with a lean engineering team, Wonderbly strives for efficiency in all areas of the business. When it came to payments the team knew it wanted to maximise conversion while minimising the engineering effort. Wonderbly needed a feature-rich payments experience able to handle complex payment flows in compliance with Europe’s new Strong Customer Authentication mandate.


When upgrading their payments experience in 2019, Wonderbly chose Checkout, Stripe's optimised hosted payment page. Using Stripe Checkout saved Wonderbly weeks of engineering time by simplifying the integration and maintenance, while giving the team confidence that Stripe was constantly working to increase conversion. Out of the box, Wonderbly was able to add support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, promotion codes, and a localised checkout experience.


Before rolling out Checkout, Wonderbly set up an A/B test to track any changes in conversion. In the U.S. and Spain in particular, the team saw a 3.2% and 10.6% increase in conversion respectively, compared to their custom-built page. These results gave Wonderbly the confidence to replace their payment flow and switch to Stripe Checkout. Since the initial rollout in 2019, Wonderbly has continued to add new Checkout features and improve its conversion rate year-on-year.

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