Myers-Holum on powering payments and financial infrastructure for enterprises

Myers-Holum, Inc. (MHI) is an ERP implementation, payment processing, and data integration consulting firm. Headquartered in New York, MHI partners with platforms like Stripe, NetSuite, and Google Cloud to help customers such as TaskEasy and Sitecorestreamline operations, financial processes, and cloud migrations.

We spoke with Darius Kemeklis, chief technology officer and executive vice president at MHI, about the company’s enterprise expertise, solving customers’ unique needs, and Stripe’s revenue and finance automation tools.

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What is your team currently focused on?

Our advisory and development teams are helping businesses accelerate the implementation of Stripe within their existing or prospective technology stack. Our team of Stripe advisors has grown rapidly as more customers are looking to integrate Stripe into their existing financial infrastructure, CRM, and ERP systems.

As a result, we've created several tools that can accelerate a business's move to Stripe. These include a combination of Stripe APIs with prebuilt code for specific types of infrastructure, design blueprints that guide businesses on best implementation practices with Stripe, and documentation that details how IT systems can integrate Stripe efficiently once live.

In addition, we are the go-to partner for implementing the Stripe Connector for NetSuite or custom integrations to support business requirements.

What are MHI’s business goals and objectives?

We’re focused on delivering first-class payments and financial solutions. We want to incorporate Stripe’s new revenue and finance automation products to help our customers automate back-office drudgery.

Whether it's the result of partnerships or new sales channels, we’ve seen a lot of challenges related to storing and managing financial data and we want to help customers simplify these key processes. With Stripe, it has been easier to expand to enterprise companies that want to take advantage of this infrastructure for finance teams' sophisticated revenue operations.

How does MHI provide solutions for customers?

We try to take a bespoke approach to each company’s unique needs. Before we begin the coding process, we bring in our functional experts to apply their deep account knowledge and solve the company’s business problems before we apply our technical expertise.

How is e-commerce helping your business reach more markets?

Ecommerce is increasingly important for both new and traditional companies that want to grow their business. More and more products are being sold online, which makes a seamless payments experience – order consolidation, billing and invoicing, subscription models, and tax calculations – important to grow and keep customers. Our customers are turning to us for many features beyond traditional payments as they look to bolster their back-office revenue operations on Stripe as well.

How do you help your users implement MHI’s solutions?

We can help in a number of different ways. One is providing customers with the recommended tooling and roadmap to solve the problem themselves with their own team. Another approach is becoming the team for the customer when their resources are strapped, or maybe they lack the in-house skillset, and handing them a delivered solution as well as helping to interview and hire folks who can support it when needed. The third, and most popular approach, is becoming integrated with the organisation's functional and technical teams to solve the problems alongside them, and leave them with the confidence and documentation to support it going forward.

How does MHI plan to implement Stripe’s new RFA products?

Stripe has been incredibly successful supporting startups and developers. With the new products such as Billing, Tax, and Invoicing, we’re excited to partner with you to support more enterprise companies bringing these amazing capabilities to their organisations. Many of these customers have complicated technical stacks and complex business requirements. We’re excited to work with them to understand their business needs so that we can make recommendations to implement the best payments, revenue, and financial automation solutions to meet their needs.

Many businesses are also taking advantage of these products in conjunction with their ERP and/or CRM systems to facilitate sophisticated billing, tax, and payment processing systems while maintaining only one vendor relationship rather than three or more.

We are excited to work with Stripe, as we see an opportunity to use all of our expertise across payments, data integration, and enterprise accounting and finance systems to help customers grow their business and be able to consolidate their vendors.

Where do you see the greatest value in your partnership with Stripe?

For nearly two years, we have been investing in our partnership with Stripe. We’ve completed over 200 Stripe implementations, with 14 certified Stripe architects and developers.

We bring the most value to Stripe and our customers by combining our enterprise knowledge with Stripe’s products. We are able to recommend customers best-of-class solutions within the Stripe ecosystem while saving businesses time and taking advantage of our learned best practices.

We look forward to scaling our businesses together.

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