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Billing pricing is usage-based and flexible based on the capabilities you need. If you’re a business with a large payments volume or unique business model, contact sales to discuss pricing options.


Create subscriptions, offer trials or discounts, and manage recurring billing.


on recurring payments


Automate revenue operations with a complete billing and reporting solution.


on recurring payments and one-time invoice payments

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Recurring billing

Set up subscriptions in the Dashboard, use Payment Links to accept payments with no code, or use Checkout’s pre-built payments page. You can also build a custom integration. Learn more 

Included Included
Automatic reminders

Send pre-built emails to your customers for missed or overdue payments. Learn more 

Included Included
Customer portal

Let your customers manage their billing details from a secure, Stripe-hosted page. Learn more 

Included 10kr per month for a custom domain Included 10kr per month for a custom domain
One-time invoicing

Create, customize, and send invoices using the Dashboard or APIs. Learn more 

Invoice auto-reconciliation

Stripe automatically reconciles invoices paid by ACH credit or wire transfers. Learn more 


Send customers an initial estimate before creating a subscription or an invoice. Learn more 

Smart retries

Stripe optimizes when to retry failed payments using machine learning. Learn more 

Revenue Recognition

Simplify accrual accounting with automated revenue reporting. Learn more 

Included You must enable Revenue Recognition in the Stripe Dashboard. Once enabled, there are no extra charges on Stripe Billing volume. Transactions imported into Stripe or generated outside of Stripe Billing will be charged separately at 0.25%. Subject to local availability.
Stripe Billing is built on top of Stripe Payments, letting you accept credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets around the world. We also support international cards, currency conversion, dozens of payment methods including ACH, 3D secure authentication, and instant payouts for an additional fee.
1.5% + 1.80kr

for standard European cards

2.5% + 1.80kr

for UK cards