Grow your recurring revenue

Billing pricing is usage-based and flexible based on the capabilities you need. If you’re a business with a large payments volume or unique business model, contact sales to discuss pricing options.

Pay as you go

Create subscriptions, offer trials or discounts, and access advanced features such as Smart Retries and revenue recovery.


of Billing volume

Includes Billing transactions processed on and off Stripe. Excludes one-off invoices.

What’s included

Recurring billing and subscriptions

Set up subscriptions in the Dashboard, use Payment Links to accept payments with no code, or use Checkout’s pre-built payments page. You can also build a custom integration. Learn more 

Usage-based (metered) billing

Automate billing for usage-based pricing models. Send, aggregate, and analyse real-time usage events using Stripe’s Meters API. Learn more 

Included Includes 100 million events per month. For a higher limit, please contact sales.
Automatic reminders

Send pre-built emails to your customers for missed or overdue payments. Learn more 

Smart Retries

Automatically retry failed payments at the optimal time by using machine learning. Learn more 

Recovery and retention automations

Create up to three automations, including custom retry policies for different customer segments, configurable subscription state management, and more. Learn more 

Customer portal

Let your customers manage their billing details from a secure, Stripe-hosted page. Learn more 

Included US$10 per month for a custom domain
Invoice auto-reconciliation

Automatically reconcile recurring invoices paid by ACH credit or wire transfers. Learn more 


Send customers an initial estimate before creating a subscription. Learn more 

Multi-phase subscription schedules

Schedule changes to subscriptions ahead of time, such as upgrading on a future date. Learn more 


Unified commerce

Move faster with an integrated suite

Use Stripe Billing with Stripe Payments to accept credit and debit cards, bank transfers, mobile wallets, and dozens of local payment methods.
1.5% + €0.25

for standard European cards

2.5% + €0.25

for UK cards

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