Business lender Capital On Tap switches to Stripe to fuel global expansion

The UK fintech plots an expansion to the US and Spain with Stripe.

Capital On Tap is one of the UK’s fastest growing fintech companies, providing small businesses with revolving credit facilities of up to £50,000.

By providing borrowers with a business credit card, instead of a traditional loan, Capital on Tap gives its users more flexibility and only charges interest when the borrower actually spends capital. Since the company was founded just eight years ago, it has supported over 120,000 businesses with over £2 billion in funding.

Capital on Tap is partnering with Stripe to power their continued growth in the UK, as well as international expansion. Using Stripe Payments, Connect and Radar, Capital on Tap is able to collect loan repayments via Card and Direct Debits globally, to payout loans to business customers, and combat fraud - applying Dynamic 3D Secure to high-risk payments.

The “one-stop-shop” for global payments

Alex Miles, UK Managing Director at Capital on Tap explains: “One of the key reasons we’re keen on Stripe is because it really is a one-stop-shop for international payments. When we first considered scaling internationally, we realised that we’d need to optimise our financial infrastructure to accommodate new markets, larger volumes and different channels. Now we’re able to turn on new markets and payment methods as we need them.”

Ease of implementation

Stripe’s developer-oriented APIs and docs provide Capital on Tap with a payments setup that doesn’t require significant in-house resources to implement and manage, empowering them to prioritise building great products for their users and execute on their ambitious growth plans.

Alex Miles said: “Stripe was already highly regarded by our developers for its reliability and ease of use. When you integrate with Stripe, it’s a sign of confidence that your tech is going to be excellent, whilst also allowing our developers and the wider business to focus on our core concerns, confident our payments technology is resilient and adaptable to any situation.”


As a fintech company that’s rapidly scaling and already providing billions of pounds to over a hundred thousand businesses, Capital on Tap prioritised scale and reliability when selecting a payments partner.

Alex Miles continued: “an unreliable payment provider could potentially be devastating to our business and that of our customers, particularly as we launch our products in new markets. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and payments are critical to ensuring funding reaches our customers quickly. So we put a lot of time and thought into making sure we have the right partner.”

Stripe’s systems operate with 99.999% uptime and are highly scaled. Stripe is certified to the highest compliance standards and has machine learning models that train on billions of data points, helping increase revenue across conversion, authorisation, and fraud prevention.