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We built Stripe Sigma to help businesses quickly analyse their Stripe data and to enable teams to get faster business insights.

  • Know your company

    With structured access to your data, you can identify which customers are least likely to churn this year, look up which geographies contribute the most revenue, see which products are most popular in February, and much more.

  • No setup, no ETLs

    Just write SQL queries to create custom reports and get instant answers, right inside the Dashboard - no need to dedicate engineers to build or maintain data pipelines or warehouses.

  • Democratise data

    Free data from silos and let teammates from finance, support, product management, and other teams run reports directly and take action faster.

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Optimised for fast answers

We’ve already written the queries for the most useful reports for different types of businesses: From computing ARPU to analysing the payment methods your customers prefer, you can jump in quickly by editing one of our prebuilt templates or start from scratch to fully customise your report. We’ve also added syntax highlighting, descriptive errors, and auto-completion for data tables and columns - it’s like a built-in IDE for writing queries.

Syntax documentation

  • idPrimary key

    Unique ID.

  • amountBigint

    The amount (in the smallest currency unit; e.g. cents in USD and yen in JPY).

  • amount_dueBigint
  • amount_offBigint
  • amount_refundedBigint
  • amount_reversedBigint
  • customersTable
  • customers.account_balanceBigint
  • customers.business_vat_idVarchar
  • customers.createdTimestamp
  • customers.currencyVarchar
  • customers.default_source_idVarchar
  • customers.delinquentBoolean
  • customers.descriptionVarchar
  • customers.discount_coupon_idForeign key
  • source_idForeign key

    ID of the related payment source.

  • source_transaction_idVarchar
  • source_transfer_idVarchar
  • source_typeVarchar
  • sourcesTable
  • sources_metadataTable
  • sources_metadata.keyVarchar
  • source_idForeign key

    ID of the related payment source.

  • source_transaction_idVarchar
  • source_transfer_idVarchar
  • source_typeVarchar
  • source_idForeign key

    ID of the related payment source.

  • balance_transactionsTable
  • balance_transactions.amountBigint
  • balance_transactions.automatic_transfer_idForeign key
  • balance_transactions.available_onTimestamp
  • balance_transactions.createdTimestamp
  • balance_transactions.currencyVarchar

Stripe data, at the ready

Quick sidebar access to a full map of the structure of your data stored in Stripe (including any additional metadata you send us) makes it easy to combine all the relevant data needed from across Stripe’s products - payments, payouts, customers, subscriptions, refunds, and more.

Preview the full schema available in Stripe Sigma.

No column or table names matched.

Save and share queries with your team

Save frequently-used queries to run them again at any time or share a link to a useful query so that any of your teammates can use it too.

Stripe Sigma has helped accelerate our financial close process. Instead of manually combining multiple data sources each month, we’re now able to run a few simple queries in Sigma, enabling faster monthly reconciliation for credit card transactions.

Kelly Hofmann, Revenue Accounting

With a query that took less than 5 minutes to write, our team has been able to identify unpaid invoices and recapture tens of thousands of dollars of revenue - 8 percent of failed payments - in just two months.

Steven Moldavskiy, Business Intelligence

We handle orders for thousands of stores, so financial reporting can get challenging. Stripe Sigma gives us a lightning-fast, reliable way to analyse our financial data and helps us run the business more efficiently.

James Skidmore, Co-founder & COO

Before Stripe Sigma, we built our own tool to analyse our Stripe data, but it took our engineers weeks to build, required ongoing work to maintain and update, and it wasn’t always accurate. Sigma now gives all our teams accurate data without any engineering work.

Tracy Rogers, Data Scientist


Stripe warehouses and makes all of your business’s historical data highly available with extensive parallelism so that you can generate even complex reports in seconds. Stripe Sigma’s monthly pricing is based on how many charges, authorisations, and application fees your business processed in the previous month. Learn more

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