Goodtill partners with Stripe to onboard 400+ new restaurants in under 4 weeks

Goodtill provides point-of-sale solutions in a suite of tools, including online ordering, self checkout, and table ordering, across a range of sectors from retail to hospitality

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Goodtill operates with a vision to change the landscape of how physical stores with small margins use tech to run their operations. When COVID-19 unexpectedly disrupted the hospitality industry, Goodtill transitioned to a table-based ordering product. It needed a partner that could help it quickly implement its new offering and navigate a significant increase in payments due to the changing industry landscape.


Stripe helped Goodtill to expedite growth due to the rising popularity of its new online ordering and table ordering service called Goodeats. When the hospitality industry reopened afer the Spring 2020 lockdown, Goodtill saw a 20x increase in orders from the previous week. Stripe’s stability and ease of use was critical in managing this significant, unexpected growth. Goodtill used Stripe Connect to onboard 400+ restaurants to Goodeats in just four weeks, with an onboarding process that takes only 10 minutes for each restaurant and requires no additional work from Goodtill.


Speed of integration and responsiveness from Stripe’s support team was vital in managing Goodtill’s tremendous surge in new business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stripe helped Goodtill efficiently manage the 3000x increase in payments they experienced over 6 months as Goodeats ensured eat-in diners could safely order at their tables with just a few clicks. Thanks to Stripe, Goodtill also shortened its payments form and significantly increased conversions at checkout. “The payment SDK is so simple, we don’t even need to ask for a billing postcode because Stripe uses machine learning and data from millions of businesses to increase our authorisation rates,” says Animesh Chowdhury, Goodtill Director and CTO.

“Speed of ordering is paramount”

Goodtill discovered that 70% of its customers would use mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay if available. Thanks to Stripe’s responsive payments experience, Goodtill customers can now check out 3x faster by using mobile wallets on any device. Luke Beavon, Finance Director of Goodtill, explains that “Speed of ordering is paramount. Offering mobile wallets in the payment experience has played a big role in product adoption and success.” For Goodtill customers who don’t use mobile wallets but still expect a fast payment experience, Stripe’s Card Saved feature has proven successful. In just one month, several hundred thousand Goodtill customers saved their credit card details for repeat payments.

Stripe’s pricing is transparent, clear, and obvious. It’s a better commercial decision because we don’t have hidden charges and don’t risk offering a poor payments experience which would hurt us in the long run. Stripe has all the features and functionality we need to scale.

Luke Beavon, Finance Director

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