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Launch and scale embedded payments and financial services

Build a global payments and financial services business with less overhead and more opportunities for expansion. Companies such as Shopify, MindBody, and DocuSign partner with Stripe to differentiate their platforms and accelerate revenue growth.

Facilitate payments

Get customers set up for payments in minutes, not days

Onboard customers with just a few questions

With Stripe Connect, customers from 35+ countries can onboard to accept payments within your platform and receive payouts in minutes. Stripe collects bank information, and verifies IDs to meet KYC requirements.

  • Minimise user error and increase sign-ups with Connect Onboarding
  • Support 35+ countries in 14 languages
  • Automatically stay up-to-date as local payments verification requirements evolve
  • Instantly link US bank accounts for payouts with Financial Connections

Give customers a full-featured dashboard to manage payments

Let customers access the Stripe Dashboard to handle all their payment needs. Or use Stripe’s APIs to build custom payments reporting and refund workflows for your customers directly within your platform.

Radar dashboard

Unified platform

Support customers with any business model

Give customers access to Stripe’s entire suite of features: our products are designed to work together, making it easy to expand your offerings with minimal engineering investment.

Launch global payments

Help your customers increase revenue by optimising the checkout experience. Stripe supports 135+ currencies and 50+ global payment methods like Link, Apple Pay, ACH, and SEPA Direct Debit that can help increase conversion by as much as 50%.

Automate tax calculation and collection compliance

Stripe Tax makes it easier for your users to simplify tax compliance by offering a reliable, easy-to-integrate tax automation solution. Stripe Tax is optimised for tax calculation in 40+ countries and all US states.

Add subscriptions and loyalty programs

Give customers the ability to launch subscriptions or memberships, free trials, coupons, and more with Stripe Billing. You can also set up recurring payments and enable smart tools to reduce churn.

Unify online and in-person payments

Let customers accept in-person payments from your platform. With Stripe Terminal, you can customise every part of the point-of-sale experience, including branded card readers.

Differentiate your platform

Offer financial services to accelerate growth and revenue

Just like payments, Stripe’s pre-built flows and APIs make it easy to launch new financial services on your platform. Start by providing spending cards and flexible financing to customers to help them grow faster.

Some features may not be available in your region yet. We’re working to bring them everywhere as soon as we can.

Extend capital

Help your customers access the funds they need to accelerate growth with fast and flexible financing.

Instant payouts

Give customers the option to deposit earnings into their bank accounts within minutes. Available 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

Issue balance cards

Let customers tap into their account balance to pay vendors quickly and access programmable controls to manage expenses.

Embed financial services

With a single integration, enable your customers to hold funds, pay bills, earn interest, and manage cash flow.

Scale globally

Go global with a single integration

Give customers around the world access to your platform

Let Stripe manage the complexity of certain compliance functions, licensing, and card network rules so you can easily onboard and pay out customers in 50+ countries without needing to establish local entities.

Minimise regulatory and compliance overhead

Payment and payout regulations are constantly changing and vary by country. Stripe can help you manage the complexity of compliance, licensing, and card network rules so you can expand faster and decrease operational overhead. Connect automatically updates to help meet the latest payments compliance requirements – without any changes required to your integration.

Embed financial services on your platform with Stripe

In this brief demo video, see how Stripe enables software platforms to embed payments and other financial services – such as invoicing, lending, and cards – into their SaaS products to improve customer experiences and create new revenue streams.

Case studies

Mindbody works with Stripe to launch omnichannel payments

Mindbody is a scheduling platform for gyms, spas, and other wellness services. They wanted a partner to help them launch a hybrid online and in-person payment experience for studios.


As virtual workouts gain popularity among many studios, Mindbody wanted to make it easy for their customers to offer an omnichannel experience through their platform.


Mindbody worked with Stripe to help studios boost online revenue conversion with virtual classes. They also provided studios a simple way to set up card readers that allows customers to add classes or buy additional products in-person through a single, unified experience.

Read the full story.


Stripe’s value is they are a true partner, helping us roadmap our global expansion and work through local challenges. You don’t often see this type of strategic partnership with other payment vendors.

Dan Chandre, VP of Strategic Development

Lightspeed partners with Stripe to unify payments

Lightspeed is a cloud-based point-of-sale software that needed a partner to help them extend payment capabilities for their customers.


Lightspeed saw that their customers needed a better way to unify their online and in-person operations without having the work with multiple vendors.


In three months, Lightspeed was able to launch a fully unified payments solution for customers in the US and Canada. Now, customers can accept online payments as well as in-store payments with their own custom-branded readers.


Jobber works with Stripe to launch financial services

Jobber is a field services software that wanted to help home service professionals on their platforms get paid faster.


Jobber wanted to help home service professionals on their platform to grow faster by helping them get paid faster and free up cash flow.


Jobber partnered with Stripe to enable both online and in-person payments helping their customers get paid in hours instead of weeks. Beyond payments, Jobber also partnered with Stripe to add financial service products including flexible financing and instant payouts to help professionals with cashflow constraints.

Read the full story.


Thinkific partners with Stripe to boost creator revenue and simplify back office operations

Thinkific is a software platform that gives educators the tools they need to turn their unique genius into a sustainable business. Thinkific turned to Stripe to further support educators to drive more sales and scale their business.


Thinkific allows educators to easily process payments on its platform, optimise conversion and increase average order value, and reduce the burden of tax compliance.


Thinkific Payments recently surpassed $100 million in payments volume processed to date, with over $29 million processed in the last quarter alone.


Stripe allows us to turn on new markets instantly and move at the pace that meets our customers’ growing and changing needs. I'd estimate we move twice as fast as we would with any other partner.

Peter Fitzpatrick, vice president of payments

Professional services

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Our experts guide you through integrating and launching embedded payments and financial services, using strategies informed by thousands of successful projects.

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