User Bank Account Debit Authorizations

By using Stripe services, you agree to Stripe and its Affiliates’ right to debit your User Bank Account and you authorize Stripe and its Affiliates to debit your User Bank Account to collect any fees owed or other amounts due to Stripe or its Affiliates or to credit or transfer funds to any of your accounts maintained with Stripe or its Affiliates. Your authorization to Stripe and its Affiliates extends to any bank account that you link to Stripe services (i.e. any User Bank Account). Your authorization is in complete compliance with any applicable bank debit rules, including the debit scheme authorization and mandate language included below. Your authorization to debit any of your User Bank Accounts includes the specific mandate or authorization language for the specific debit scheme that covers your bank account (e.g. for US bank accounts the ACH/Nacha language will apply and for CA bank accounts the ACSS language will apply). You further are responsible for ensuring that your User Bank Account can accept the applicable country scheme debits (e.g. ACH for US bank accounts, ACSS for CA bank accounts, etc.). The debit scheme language for each bank scheme is incorporated into your authorization to Stripe and Stripe’s Affiliates to debit any of your User Bank Accounts with the same force and effect as if you had signed a paper and obtained a hard copy containing the same terms. You will ensure that your User Bank Account has sufficient funds to allow for a debit. If a debit is returned to Stripe because your User Bank Account has insufficient funds, it is your responsibility to fund your User Bank Account so that we can re-process the debit.

ACSS Authorization - Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement

You authorize Stripe to initiate debit and credit entries to the User Bank Account maintained by you at an institution that is a member of the Canadian Payments Association, doing business as Payments Canada, in each case, in accordance with the Stripe Services Agreement and this Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement  (this “PAD Agreement”). 

PAD Category:  You agree that any debit withdrawal by Stripe in accordance with the Stripe Services Agreement is a pre-authorized debit (“PAD”) for business purposes, as defined under Rule H1 of Payments Canada. 

PAD Amount and Timing:  The amount of any PAD will vary and be based on the amount owed by you from time-to-time under the Stripe Services Agreement. The timing of issuance of each PAD will be triggered by the amount becoming due by you to Stripe under the Stripe Services Agreement.

Waiver/Modification of Pre-notification/Confirmation Periods:  You waive the right to receive pre-notification or confirmation of the amount or timing of any PAD, and you agree that you do not require advance notice of the amount or timing of any PAD before the debit is processed.  Without limiting the foregoing sentence, you acknowledge that no notice or confirmation is required for the amount or timing of any PAD or changes to the amount or timing of any PAD, when the debit of such amount or change in such amount is triggered by a specified act, event or other criteria under the Stripe Services Agreement.

Changes to User Bank Account:  If you change the User Bank Account, this PAD Agreement will apply to the new account and you will provide Stripe written notice and information regarding the new account as Stripe deems necessary. Following receipt of your written notice, it may take Stripe up to ten business days to reflect any change to the User Bank Account in Stripe’s systems. If you change the User Bank Account, you are responsible for all costs incurred by Stripe in connection with your decision to change the User Bank Account. 

Cancellation of PAD Agreement:  You may revoke this PAD Agreement upon thirty days’ prior written notice to Stripe, but any revocation will be a material breach of the Stripe Services Agreement. You may obtain a sample cancellation form, as well as further information on your right to cancel a PAD authorization by contacting your financial institution or by visiting  In addition, Stripe may stop issuing PADs either in accordance with the terms of this PAD Agreement or, where cancellation is not addressed, in accordance with the rules of Payments Canada.

Recourse/Reimbursement Statement:  You have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this PAD Agreement. For example, you have the right to receive reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this PAD Agreement.  To obtain more information on your recourse rights, you may contact your financial institution or

Stripe’s Contact Information:  If you would like to make inquiries with Stripe regarding this PAD Agreement or any PAD issued by Stripe, you may contact Stripe at or