Amazon Pay Payment Terms

Last Updated: April 8, 2024     

Amazon Pay may include alternative payment methods offered by payment method providers other than the major card networks (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) (e.g., Affirm). Each such payment method is referred to as an “Alternative Payment Method.” Alternative Payment Methods may be subject to additional terms set out in these Payment Terms.

1. Marks     

You may only use Amazon’s marks for the limited purposes of enabling (and only to the extent necessary for) you to perform your obligations and exercise your rights under the Stripe Services Agreement and these Payment Terms, including to display the Amazon marks in connection with your acceptance and use of Amazon Pay in accordance with the Documentation.

Except as outlined above, you may not use the marks of Amazon or of any Alternative Payment Method made available through Amazon Pay without Amazon’s or the applicable brand provider’s prior approval.

2. Disputes and Fraud.     

By offering Amazon Pay, you agree to resolve disputes directly with your Customers in a timely manner, in accordance with your policies. If you can’t resolve a dispute with your Customer, you agree to work with Stripe and Amazon on a resolution and will comply with, and promptly respond to, reasonable requests from Stripe or Amazon relating to the dispute. Amazon also offers an A-to-z Guarantee with respect to certain purchases made via Amazon Pay. If your Customer files a claim under Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, the following Amazon policies applicable to your country will apply to the resolution of those claims:

Applicable Country

A-to-Z Guarantee

United States

3. Payment Obligations

To the extent Amazon is involved in processing funds for your Transactions, once Amazon receives funds for such a Transaction on your behalf, the relevant Customer has no further obligation to make payments to you with respect to that Transaction, regardless of whether and when Stripe or SPC (as applicable) settles those funds to you.

4. No Agency

Stripe is not an agent of, or service provider of, Amazon, with respect to the Stripe Services or Amazon Pay as a payment method.

5. Prohibited Uses

In addition to the termination and suspension rights included in the Stripe Services Agreement, Amazon has certain additional rights to suspend or terminate your use of Amazon Pay, such as for your violation of Amazon Pay’s Acceptable Use Policy applicable to your country:

Applicable Country

Acceptable Use Policy

United States

6. Information Sharing

You agree that your information can be shared with Amazon and any Alternative Payment Method. For more information, see Stripe’s Privacy Center

You understand and agree you have no rights to receive or access the complete card/account number (i.e., PAN numbers excluding the last four digits of such numbers) or CVC/CVV for Amazon Pay Transactions.

7. Enforcement Rights

You acknowledge that Amazon is a third-party beneficiary of these Payment Terms and may enforce Stripe’s rights under these Payment Terms directly against you with respect to your use and acceptance of Amazon Pay.

8. Alternative Payment Methods     

Amazon Pay may add or remove Alternative Payment Methods at any time, and reserves the right to determine which payment methods are available to customers. 

You will not hide, suppress or otherwise prevent any customer from using any payment method within Amazon Pay. 

9. Alternative Payment Method Terms

Certain Alternative Payment Methods are subject to additional terms that apply to your use of the Alternative Payment Methods within Amazon Pay. If you offer an Alternative Payment Method outside of Amazon Pay as a payment method, these additional Alternative Payment Method terms do not apply.      

Alternative Payment Method availability also varies by geography. Depending on your location, you may not be able to use one or more of the Alternative Payment Methods listed below (or that are otherwise offered by Amazon Pay).


To offer Affirm to Customers in the U.S., the following conditions apply: (i) your Stripe account is registered in the U.S.; (ii) your customers are also located in the U.S.; (iii) your website is available to customers in English; and (iv) your products and services are priced in U.S. Dollars.

Affirm is offered by the applicable Affirm entity listed below or through its affiliates or bank partners.  Affirm will determine customer underwriting, credit decisioning, customer APRs, loan amounts and cart amounts for customers using Affirm. Affirm offers the following financing options:

Affirm Entity

Applicable Country


Affirm, Inc.

United States

*The “Installments” financing option is a closed-end installment loan for customers to finance the purchase of your products and services at an interest bearing rate with various loan terms. Affirm uses (i) one or more state-chartered banks or other FDIC-insured institution(s) or (ii) its state lending licensed subsidiary to originate these loans resulting from a customer’s use of the Installments financing option. Installments financing option will be available in any U.S. state, jurisdiction, or territory authorized by Affirm. 

Affirm may also ask your customer to make an initial, one-time down payment of the purchase price for your products and services. You acknowledge that any down payment made by a customer to Affirm is considered the same as a payment made directly to you and you appoint Affirm Loan Services, LLC and/or Affirm Payments, LLC as your payment collection agent for accepting any down payment on your behalf.

Returns are subject to your return policy displayed on your website. In the event of a valid customer return:

  • Issue full or partial refunds and not store credit.     
  • Promptly process such refunds.

Return-related fees (for example, restocking fees) may not be charged to Affirm.

You may not use Affirm for the following purposes:

  • To exchange funds where no bona fide goods or services are sold.
  • To evade card network chargeback monitoring programs.
  • To share customer data with another merchant for cross-selling a product or service.

You agree to not market Affirm including, but not limited to, on your mobile application, website, email marketing, social media channels or anywhere else where you offer Affirm to your customers.

Merchant assumes the risk of loss resulting from fraud caused by you or your employees, contractors, representatives, or agents.

By offering Amazon Pay, you also grant Affirm a non-exclusive and non-transferable limited license to use your legal or trade name for servicing your customers (i.e., for facilitating a Customer dispute involving an Affirm loan). Affirm will stop using your legal and trade name for these purposes promptly following your request. 

In addition to the categories of businesses restricted from using Stripe overall, the following categories are prohibited from using Affirm in all countries or subject to additional requirements.

  • Boat dealers; Business to business services; Employment agencies (including, but not limited to, temporary help services); Post-Secondary Educational Expenses; Home improvement services (including, but not limited to, contractors and special trade contractors); Live animals; NFTs; Healthcare Services; Professional services (including, but not limited to, legal, consulting, and accounting); Snowmobile dealers; Stenographic and secretarial support services; Titled goods and auto loans.