Amazon Pay Payment Terms

Last Updated: December 1, 2023

1. Amazon Marks

You may only use Amazon’s marks for the limited purposes of enabling (and only to the extent necessary for) you to perform your obligations and exercise your rights under the Stripe Services Agreement and these Payment Terms, including to display the Amazon marks in connection with your acceptance and use of Amazon Pay in accordance with the Documentation.

2. Disputes and Fraud.

By offering Amazon Pay, you agree to resolve disputes directly with your Customers in a timely manner, in accordance with your policies. If you can’t resolve a dispute with your Customer, you agree to work with Stripe and Amazon on a resolution and will comply with, and promptly respond to, reasonable requests from Stripe or Amazon relating to the dispute. Amazon also offers an A-to-z Guarantee with respect to certain purchases made via Amazon Pay. If your Customer files a claim under Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, the following Amazon policies applicable to your country will apply to the resolution of those claims:

Applicable Country

A-to-Z Guarantee

United States

3. Payment Obligations

With respect to Amazon Pay Transactions other than credit card network transactions and other payment instruments processed by Stripe in the United States, once Amazon receives funds for such a Transaction on your behalf, the relevant Customer has no further obligation to make payments to you with respect to that Transaction, regardless of whether and when Stripe or SPC (as applicable) settles those funds to you.

4. No Agency

Stripe is not an agent of, or service provider of, Amazon, with respect to the Stripe Services or Amazon Pay as a Payment Method.

5. Prohibited Uses

In addition to the termination and suspension rights included in the Stripe Services Agreement, Amazon has certain additional rights to suspend or terminate your use of Amazon Pay, such as for your violation of Amazon Pay’s Acceptable Use Policy applicable to your country:

Applicable Country

Acceptable Use Policy

United States

6. Amazon Pay Payment Methods

You will not hide, suppress or otherwise prevent any customer from using any payment method within Amazon Pay.

7. Information Sharing

You agree that your information can be shared with Amazon. For more information, see Stripe’s Privacy Center.

8. Amazon Enforcement Rights

You acknowledge that Amazon is a third-party beneficiary of these Payment Terms and may enforce Stripe’s rights under these Payment Terms directly against you with respect to your use and acceptance of Amazon Pay.