Stripe for marketplaces

Power payments for your marketplace with Stripe

DoorDash works with Stripe to accept payments, split funds, and pay out to couriers and restaurants.

Acquire and retain more drivers, couriers, or other recipients

A full solution for marketplaces

One of Lyft's biggest requests from drivers was the ability to get paid on a more frequent basis compared to the traditional weekly payouts.


Lyft worked with Stripe to build Express Pay, providing their drivers the ability to decide when they want to get paid—typically within a few hours.


In 6 months, over 40% of all payouts on Lyft were done over Express Pay. As a result, Lyft was able to differentiate and attract more drivers onto their marketplace.

Products used

TodayRidesTime4h 09m12Payments$62.30$128.59GET PAID

Minimize regulatory and compliance overhead

Get help meeting regulatory requirements

  • API-based sanction screening
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  • Risk-based ID checks
  • Card industry denylist filtering
  • Rely on Stripe’s financial and regulatory licenses worldwide.

Move money and pay out compliantly

  • Securely collect bank information
  • Control payout timing
  • Support multi-party payments
  • Automate PCI compliance
  • 1099 reporting support (IRS tax threshold tracking)
  • Set custom statement descriptors

What do drivers, couriers, or other recipients care about?

Over 50% of sellers will leave a marketplace for another that offers faster payments, better payment management, or integrations with tax and accounting software. Learn more about what matters most in the latest Forrester report.

Go global with a single integration

Expand to new markets around the world

Onboard and pay out recipients in 25+ countries without needing to establish local entities or banking partners.

Minimize the cost of moving funds across borders

Reduce foreign exchange rates by accepting and paying out recipients with like-for-like settlement.

Optimize checkout for international markets

Present 135+ currencies at checkout and offer the most popular local payment methods like SEPA or iDEAL.

Kickstarter believes that anyone in the world should have access to the community of backers they’ve brought together.


Kickstarter worked with Stripe to reach creators around the world. Within months, they were able expand to creators in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mexico.


Today, Kickstarter works with Stripe to reach creators from 22 countries to successfully fund over 160,000 projects.

Products used

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